Where to Live in Cologne: Homelike Neighborhood Guide

Cologne is colourful and diverse, as seen in each quarter, which are known here as “Veedel”. Every neighbourhood has its own unique charms and ways of life, and offers something different for everyone. Whether it’s the Belgian Quarter, Nippes, Ehrenfeld, Lindenthal, Cologne Mühlheim or Neustadt-Nord — there’s a place for everyone in Cologne. If you’re looking for an apartment in Cologne, check out these neighbourhoods

Cologne’s Belgian Quarter

The Belgian Quarter, close to the city centre, is considered to be Cologne’s trendiest quarter. It owes its name to the names of its streets, which were named after Belgian cities and provinces. Especially over the last few years, more and more creative and innovative minds have moved to the Belgian Quarter. This makes the “Veedel” today characterized by various small boutiques, cafes, bars, galleries and studios. The special flair of the Belgian Quarter are the beautiful facades of the houses. The architecture is mainly characterized by the buildings of the Wilhelminian era. Many have been extensively renovated over the past few years. An apartment in Cologne’s Belgian Quarter offers a variety of advantages. The productive environment is a true source of energy, many possibilities are right in the neighbourhood and it is not far from the inner city. This is especially true for singles and young couples in the Belgian Quarter.

Cologne Nippes

Originally rural, industrialization led to many changes in Cologne Nippes, making it an important industrial location. This is still evident today from its numerous industrial areas. Around the the beginning of the 2000s, a new chapter began in Nippes. Old industrial sites, such as the Clouth area, have been extensively renovated and converted into high-quality apartments in recent years. Another project was the reuse of the repair works of the railroad as a residential district with an alternative urban planning concept. This settlement is almost completely without motor vehicle traffic. This is one reason why apartments in Cologne Nippes are in such high demand. The centre of Nippes forms Neusser Straße. Here local residents find many shopping possibilities, as well as gastronomic establishments. One highlight is the Kölsche traditional pub “Em Golde Kappes”. Cologne Nippes is the mixture of different cultures with typical Cologne traditions.

Cologne Ehrenfeld

It’s all in the mix. This is truth of Cologne Ehrenfeld. Life in Ehrenfeld is varied and multicultural. This is mostly thanks to the its function as a guest worker settlement during the economic miracle in Germany, of which the district still benefits today. Ehrenfeld’s multicultural influence is especially visible on Venloer Strasse, the district’s main street offering a diverse selection of shops and restaurants. It’s not just people from various cultural background who are attracted to apartments in Cologne Ehrenfeld. Both students and creative people as well as families with children appreciate life in this neighbourhood. A lively cultural scene has thus formed. The architecture is also characterized by a skillful mix of different building periods. A striking building is the Hercules high-rise dating back to the 1970s. In addition, there are foundations, industrial buildings and typical houses from the 1950s and 1960s.

Cologne Lindenthal

Cologne Lindenthal is not far west of the city centre. This district is particularly known for its green spaces and parks. This makes Lindenthal a particularly quiet place to live. The most famous area of Lindenthal is the Aachener Weiher (Aachen pond) and the adjoining park. This is especially used in summer as a recreation area. In Cologne, Lindenthal is also home to the University of Cologne, where the various institutes spread throughout the district. The campus of the University Hospital of Cologne is also located here. Apartments in Cologne Lindenthal are particularly popular because of the generous size of the buildings and the surrounding garden areas. The architecture predominantly dates from the 1930s, and is known for its clear lines and elegance. During this time, the reorganization of Lindenthal was decided. There were stately city villas and artificial canals, which strengthen the calmness and solidity that Cologne Lindenthal radiates. This contributes to the reputation of this district. Cologne Lindenthal is considered an upscale residential area, which is particularly popular with families.

Cologne Mülheim

Cologne Mülheim is located on the so-called “Schäl Sick”, that is to the right of the Rhine. In recent years, this part of the city has increasingly become an important business location for Cologne. This was Cologne Mülheim before: in the 1970s, Mülheim was an up-and-coming industrial location. As a result, many industrial buildings were built. However, when these factories had to close down in the 1980s and 1990s, the sites were left unused for a long time. Only the last years brought a change. After renovation and construction work, the former factory buildings are converted into office space. Large companies such as the Bastei-Lübbe-Verlag are now represented here. In addition, a large number of TV studios and television stations are based in Cologne Mülheim, and not just the traditional media industry of Cologne. There is a fair share of young, innovative companies in the media & IT industry here which is growing steadily. The Cologne theatre has also erected its venue here on an old factory site until its reopening at the main town in the city centre.

Cologne Neustadt-Nord

The district of Cologne Neustadt-Nord is located in the centre of the city along the Rhine and is counted as an inner city district. Proximity to the historical centre of Cologne is not the only reason why this area so vibrant. The entire city is a media landscape, but Neustadt is the central hub of the industry. Mediapark is home to over 250 media and young companies (including Homelike) and offers more than 2000 jobs in one location. This location is particularly popular among young and up-and-coming companies. Mediapark was created on the old site of the Gereon station. Another highlight of the district is the oldest preserved green area in the city. The city park offers a variety of summer activities as well as exciting and varied cultural and leisure offerings all year round.

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