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When you move into a furnished apartment for a fixed period or rent it out, your own household contents or personal liability insurance may not apply in the event of damage.


The coverage we have developed is tailored to the concept of furnished living. That’s why we recommend all tenants book the Homelike Standard packageΒ with their furnished apartment to avoid high costs in case of damage.


As a Homelike landlord, you automatically benefit from our landlord insurance.

Why you should add damage protection to your furnished apartments as a Homelike tenant.

The tenant insurance is automatically valid according to the online rental agreement and for a period of up to one year. This ensures that you are adequately insured for accidents that may occur during your rental period in your furnished apartment.ΒΉ

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Case 1: A lost key

You come home from work in the evening and realize: your key is missing! You look in all your pockets and think about whether you may have forgotten it somewhere. But it’s gone. Now the locksmith must come and let you into the apartment.


Unfortunately, this is not enough, as all locks must be replaced if a key is lost. This can then not only be the lock to your apartment, but also all entrance doors and intermediate doors to which you have access, which can lead to very high costs that your private liability probably does not bear.

Estimated cost: €5,000

Homelike Standard Package: Key damage (e.g. loss) insured up to €10,000.

Please note that you have to pay the locksmith to open the door yourself, but the expensive follow-up costs, such as changing the lock, will be covered.

Case 2: Damaged flooring

You have finally arrived in your furnished apartment and are exhausted on the couch. As you look around the apartment, you notice that your suitcase has left some scratches on the hardwood floor. You take pictures of the damage and report it to the landlord.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply replace the damaged area of hardwood flooring, as the wood naturally changes color and you can see when a new area is added. In most cases, this means the entire hardwood floor has to be replaced, which increases the costs you have to bear enormously.

Estimated cost: €7,000

Homelike Standard Package: Damage caused by a fault (no intent) up to €10,000 per claim or €30,000 per rental.

Case 3: Water damage

You arrive at your furnished apartment and the whole living room is underwater. It drips out of the ceiling onto your laptop, which has become unusable due to the water damage.


A burst pipe can occur in any apartment and must be taken care of by the landlord. However, your laptop is a personal belonging, which you bring into the apartment.


This means the landlord does not have to reimburse the costs incurred and the damage is only covered by a suitable household goods insurance or the Homelike Standard or Premium tenant insurance.

Estimated cost: €1,500

Homelike Standard Package: Personal belongings (e.g. Laptop, cell phones) are insured up to 5,000 EUR in the event of damage caused by fire, burglary, water and storm.

ΒΉA deductible of €250 applies and the principle of subsidiarity, i.e. insurance cover only applies if corresponding damage is not covered by your private insurance.


What happens in the event of damage?

Document the damage incurred with detailed photos and contact us. We take care of the rest for you!

Add the Standard Package directly while booking

With the Homelike Standard Package, you as the tenant are optimally insured in the event of damage or lost keys.


The majority of our business customers rely on our Standard Package to ensure their employees are properly insured for the entire rental period while offering your employees security and total comfort.

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  • Personal customer service
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  • Everything in the Basic package, plus...
  • Individual offline apartment search according to your needs
  • Tenant insuranceΒΉΒ²
  • Homelike invoice organization and preparation

ΒΉThe tenant insurance is not included in our service packages in Switzerland, the USA, Denmark, Dubai, Portugal, Italy, and the United Kingdom.
Β²The insurance provider offers the following protection (with a general deductible of 250 EUR per claim): Co-insurance of the tenantβ€˜s first loss in the event of fire, burglary, bursting water pipes, and storm up to a value of 5,000 EUR. With this subsidiary private liability insurance, rental property damages with a maximum compensation of 10,000 EUR are covered; limited to 30,000 EUR per insurance year in total. A one-time key loss is insured up to 10,000 EUR. Should you have any inquiries about the insurance, please contact our service team.

For more information about Homelike’s insurance packages please visit our FAQs.

Protection for

Homelike landlords

As an apartment provider, you are automatically protected against property damage to movable objects (fire, storm, water, burglary, vandalism after burglary) every time you rent out an apartment.ΒΉ


The inventory of your rental object is insured up to 10 times the monthly rental value, however at least in the amount of 7,500 euros.


If your apartment is no longer usable due to the damage in one of the above-mentioned insurance cases, the loss of earnings will be reimbursed.

ΒΉA deductible of 250 € applies and the principle of subsidiarity, i.e. insurance cover only applies if corresponding damage is not covered by your private insurance.

Landlord insurance is not available in Switzerland, the USA, Denmark, Dubai, Portugal, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

For more information about Homelike’s landlord protection please visit our FAQs.