Where to Live in Potsdam: Best Neighbourhoods

Not only its close proximity to Berlin, Germany makes Potsdam high in demand with business travelers and apartments hunters. Potsdam’s old buildings and parks are also part of its charm. The most popular neighbourhoods are the inner city, Babelsberg, Brandenburger Vorstadt and Jägervorstadt.

The city center of Potsdam

Potsdam’s city center can be separated into two areas. The north part of the inner city makes up the historic town center with buildings that are over three hundred years old. This is also where the Old Town is which is still surrounded in parts by the old city wall. The most important and busiest street in the north part of the city center is Brandenburger Straße. It’s a very popular living area because of the many shops and restaurants but also because most of the four-storied buildings date back to the 18th and 19th century. The Dutch Quarter is also located in this area, as are many big parks like the Lustgarten for example. The southern part of the inner city is located next to Babelsberg and is an architectural contrast to the northern part. Here you will find mostly modern buildings from the 60’s and 70’s, as well as new buildings. Because of its central location and close proximity to the central station, the city center of Potsdam is also very popular with apartment hunters but despite its location the rent can still be considered moderate.

Potsdam’s district Babelsberg

Babelsberg is located in the southeast of Potsdam and the biggest district of Brandenburg’s capitol.  Once an independent city Babelsberg became part of Potsdam in 1939. Because of its size Babelsberg can be divided into north and south Babelsberg. North Babelsberg is characterized by its many green spaces and parks. Residential areas, like the historic Werbeviertel, offer a rural idyll in close proximity to the city center. The mansion district in north Babelsberg offer historical buildings like the Trumann Villa. In south Babelsberg the Universum filmstudios were founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then Babelsberg has become an indispensable media location in Germany.  Apartments in Babelsberg are coveted because despite its proximity to the city center and commercial relevance it still offers a quiet and sophisticated place of residence at a fair rent.

Potsdam Brandenburger Vorstadt

Brandenburger Vorstadt is the most historic part of Potsdam because of its royal buildings and monuments. Potsdam’s famous landmark Sanssouci and its park are located in this part of town. The Brandenburger Vorstadt stretches from the Brandenburg Gate to the wildlife park. Brandenburger Vorstadt offers attractive neighbourhoods for different tastes. From historic houses of Prussian officials to the developing area Potsdam West. People who love old buildings and are looking for apartments with a historic atmosphere will feel right at home here.

Living in Potsdam Jägervorstadt

Jägervorstadt is a suburb located in the northern parts of Potsdam. The impressive entrance to this district, the Jägertor (Jäger gate), seperates the Jägervorstadt from the town center. The gate was built in 1733. Architecture in this part of Potsdam are mainly old military facilities, like the former officer school und the Garde-Ulanen-Kaserne (Guards Uhlans barracks), as well as historic administrative buildings. This is also reflected in the apartment buildings. Most of them are two to four storey buildings that were built around the turn of the century and are now landmark buildings. Within those buildings there are spacious apartments with the charm of the Jugendstil style. Additionally, residents of Jägervorstadt aren’t far from the town center which is easily reached by public transport or on foot.

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