4 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Improve & Avoid Posture Pain

Business Traveler or not, if you’re someone who spends most of their day behind a screen there’s a good chance you’ve picked up a sitting style that’s less-than-ideal for a good healthy posture.Β  It’s not uncommon to eventually feel neck, back, or shoulder discomfort – particularly if you stay in the same position for 8 hours straight.


But how can you avoid such discomfort when you have a demanding job?


According to exercise professionals, the Prehab Guys, the key isn’t to stick to a perfect seating position. Sitting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the lack of movement is what can be detrimental. In fact, they suggest that as humans, we are NOT meant to stay still all day.Β 




4 Simple Exercises to Improve Postural Pain

Taking frequent breaks during the day is an important part of helping your body move. Take a brief walk to get some fresh air and even better, do some exercise to keep your blood moving. By performing the correct exercises it will help your body stretch and strengthen you in the opposite position to what you are otherwise spending hours in.


To get you started The Prehab Guys have suggested a range of extremely helpful exercises that you can do during the day to keep you limber, strong and (hopefully) free from future discomfort.Β 

For a much better explanation on how to exercise the exercisesΒ πŸ˜‰watch the video below and read the full post Improve Postural Pain.

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