Embracing Remote Work: A Week in Málaga

Our talents continue taking advantage of our policy and exploring new destinations while maintaining their work responsibilities. This time, our Business Development Manager, Simon, spent a week working remotely from Málaga, Spain, and found it to be an enriching experience both personally and professionally.

Adapting Work Hours for a Better Balance

To make the most of the sunny Spanish weather and vibrant local culture, Simon adjusted his work schedule. Starting a little earlier in the morning allowed him to tackle urgent tasks and gave a bit more flexibility. This approach gave him time to enjoy longer coffee breaks and more headspace to enjoy the weather, city and food.

Highlights of Working from Málaga

One of the most memorable aspects of Simon’s stay was the possibility to close the laptop in the evening and directly head to the beach. Málaga’s beautiful coastline provided a perfect backdrop for relaxation after a day of work. He particularly enjoyed visiting Pedregalejo, a charming neighborhood known for its beachfront restaurants. There, he enjoyed “espetos de sardinas” (sardines skewers) grilled on an open fire, a local delicacy that added to the authenticity of Simon’s experience.

Challenges While Workationing in Málaga

Working from cafés proved to be a challenge due to noise and crowd levels. To maintain productivity, Simon realized the importance of choosing work-friendly locations. His advice to fellow remote workers is to research and select suitable cafés in advance, preferably those located outside the busy city center.

Personal and Professional Growth

The opportunity to speak Spanish again was a significant highlight for Simon. He felt more committed to continue his Spanish practice upon returning to Germany.

Staying Connected with the Team

Despite being in a different country, Simon stayed seamlessly connected with his team through slack, email, and phone calls. Their way of communication did not change during Simon’s workation as the whole B2B team is distributed around different locations and works mostly remotely.

Returning Home and Reflecting

The transition back to Germany took Simon some time since he would have loved to stay longer. The German weather conditions didn’t help either.

Additionally, Simon observed the passion and joy with which people in Málaga’s gastronomy sector approached their jobs, a quality he sometimes finds lacking in his home country.

Final Thoughts and Future Plans

Overall, the week in Málaga was a highly enjoyable and valuable experience. Given the chance, Simon would extend his stay to 3-4 weeks in the future to allow more time for settling in and exploring.

Tips for Remote Workers

For those considering working remotely from abroad, Simon offers practical advice:

  • Choose your work location wisely and avoid overly crowded areas.
  • Research cafés that support a working environment.
  • Go to Pedregalejo (quick and cheap by bus) and enjoy “espetos de sardinas” at the beach.
  • Cafés: Next Level Speciality Coffee, Santos Coffee in Soho.

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