Embracing the Remote Work Life: Maja’s Workation in Spain

Exploring Spain: Maja’s Remote Work Adventure

Taking advantage of HomelikeΒ΄s remote work policy, Maja decided to go on a five-week adventure in the south of Spain. Her journey took her through the vibrant cities of Tarifa, Sevilla, Madrid, and Barcelona. Each city offered a unique experience, blending work with the thrill of exploration.

A New Work Routine in Vibrant Spanish Cities

Maja was used to working remotely since Homelike is a remote-first company, but while MajaΒ΄s work responsibilities remained unchanged, her daily routine became different indeed. Working from different Spanish cities introduced a twist to her usual work life and added a new dimension to her daily tasks.

Unforgettable Highlights of Working from Spain

Working from Spain was a journey filled with unforgettable moments. From incredible rooftop views in Madrid to a view of Africa from her co-working hostel in Tarifa, which was only a few meters away from the beach. Maja had the pleasure of meeting new friends in every location, getting to know locals, and experiencing their way of life. Meeting her Spanish colleagues for the first time was another highlight, adding a personal touch to their professional relationship.

Personal and Professional Growth Through Workation

This workation played a role in Maja`s growth as well. She learned to adapt to new environments and work conditions, enhancing her adaptability. The engagement in Spanish culture improved her cultural awareness, increasing cultural sensitivity and understanding, which was valuable in a globalized work environment. Maja even managed to improve her Spanish language skills. Lastly, networking opportunities allowed Maja to build a network of international contacts and friendships.

Balancing Work and Travel in Spain

Maintaining a structured schedule was key to balancing work and exploration. Maja dedicated specific hours to work and reserved evenings, weekends, and holidays for sightseeing. This approach allowed her to fully enjoy local attractions while fulfilling her work responsibilities.

Staying Connected with Remote Work Tools

Staying connected with MajaΒ΄s remote team was seamless, thanks to the digital tools they use daily. Regular meetings and constant communication ensured that she remained updated on tasks and projects, no matter where she was.

Top Recommendations for Travelers in Spain

Spain offers plenty of experiences. Here are some of MajaΒ΄s top recommendations:

  • Enjoy long beach walks and water sports in Tarifa;
    Witness the Easter processions in Seville;
  • Experience a Flamenco show and take a free walking tour to explore the cities;
  • Try a β€œTinto de Verano” and visit the Prado Museum in Madrid;
  • Check out the β€œBunkers del Carmel” in Barcelona and join the Salsa Social at β€œParc de la Ciutadella” on weekends (dance Salsa/Bachata or watch the people dancing).

Returning Home After a Spanish Workation

Returning home was bittersweet for Maja. She was glad to be back in familiar surroundings, yet she immediately missed Spain. Fortunately, her colleagues and friends made the transition easy, welcoming her back with open arms.

Final Thoughts: The Impact of a Spanish Workation

Overall, Maja’s workation in Spain was fantastic. She said that working abroad in Spain was enriching both personally and professionally. She enjoyed the perfect mix of maintaining her professional responsibilities and exploring new cultures, making new friends, and experiencing beautiful places. She would absolutely do it again and highly recommends it to anyone who has the opportunity. For future destinations, Maja has her sights set on Portugal, Italy, and Mexico.

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