How to list your furnished apartments

1. Register your account

Your first step is to register your account here.

When you first enter your dashboard you will be prompted to verify your email address. Be sure to do this so you don't miss out on any important information about your account.

Homelike Verify Email Address
2. Update your profile

Before we start creating your first apartment listing, there are a few important steps to take to ensure your profile is up to date.

Please click on your profile in the top right corner of your dashboard and add your personal details to your Homelike account. This includes your name, email address and phone number.

Tip: Activate the SMS notification to accept your future requests even faster and thus increase the booking probability.

Watch this video to complete your account information >

Homelike Update Profile
3. Book the furnished apartment
  1. After your request has been confirmed you’re ready to book.
  2. Input all required personal data.
  3. You can book the apartment on behalf of yourself or for somebody else.
  4. During the booking process, you can already view the rental agreement.
4. Pay online
  1. Pick your preferred method of payment.
  2. After booking, you will pay the first monthβ€˜s rent on a secure escrow account.
  3. On your move-in date, the money will be transferred to the landlord.
  4. All subsequent payments, as well as the deposit, must be transferred directly to the landlord.
5. Sign the lease agreement online
  1. You can simply sign the lease agreement online thanks to the secure β€œHello Sign” process.
  2. Download a copy of the contract.
  3. When you move in we will transfer the first rent to the landlord.
  4. You have to transfer all subsequent payments as well as the deposit to the landlord.
6. Move-in and β€˜get the Homelike feeling’
  1. Receive the exact address of your new apartment and the contact details of the landlord.
  2. Arrange the handover of keys.
  3. Move-in and feel right at home!
Would you like to stay longer? Not a problem! We’ll send you an email in advance of your move-out date, but you can always call us or contact us here with your request.

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