12 Best Neighborhoods in Berlin

Berlin's Best neighborhoods and areas in 2024

Trendy, unique, and frenetic, Berlin is one of the most exciting cities in Germany and on the planet. 

It’s also slowly becoming one of the world’s most desirable places to live, with people around the world flocking to start a new life in the capital city of Germany. And though it’s famous for its kooky counterculture, that’s not all that Berlin has to offer – for lots of different people, there are plenty of reasons to live in Berlin.

If you’re thinking about living in Berlin, we’re here to help you out. We’ve broken down Berlin’s sprawling metropolis into more manageable chunks, giving you an insight into the city’s separate districts. 

Whether you want to live in a trendy nightlife hotspot, a gentrified hipster zone, or one of Berlin’s laid-back green areas, we’ve got you covered – we’ll help you work out where to live in Berlin.

No matter the type of person you are or the type of life you’re looking for in Berlin, we’ve got the perfect district for you. Want to know where to live in Berlin? Our ultimate guide to the best Berlin neighborhoods is for you. Read on!

Iconic view of the Brandenburg Gate at dusk, symbolizing Berlin's rich history and cultural heritage, making it a landmark sight in Mitte, one of the best neighborhoods to visit in Berlin

Best places to live in Berlin for expats

Deciding where to live in Berlin can feel like navigating a maze, given the city’s vibrant diversity and the melting pot of cultures it houses. With almost 800,000 non-Germans calling Berlin home, it’s clear that this city has a place for everyone. For those scratching their heads over the best places to live in Berlin, we’ve pinpointed three neighborhoods that stand out for expats:

  • Berlin Wilmersdorf: A serene yet vibrant district known for its leafy streets and upscale vibe. It’s one of the best areas to live in Berlin if you’re seeking a blend of tranquility and city life.
  • Berlin Kreuzberg: Famous for its spirited atmosphere and cultural diversity, Kreuzberg is not just a place in Berlin; it’s a lifestyle. Here, the art scene thrives, and every street corner tells a story.
  • Berlin Neukölln: Once an insider tip and now firmly on the map as one of the best neighborhoods in Berlin, Neukölln offers a dynamic mix of old-world charm and hip, trendy spots.

These three neighborhoods are particularly popular among expats, boasting large populations of non-natives. If you’re pondering over the best place to live in Berlin for an immersive experience, starting with Wilmersdorf, Kreuzberg, or Neukölln is a wise choice. They’re central, diverse, and provide a welcoming community for expats looking to make Berlin their new home.

1. Wilmersdorf

Often grouped with the neighboring district of Charlottenburg (to make up the aptly and imaginatively-named district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf), this area has historically been a home for many English-speaking expats in Berlin. It stands out as one of the best places to live in Berlin for those who appreciate a blend of quiet sophistication and accessibility to the city’s vibrant cultural scene.

Because Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is a little expensive, it’s also a little different from some of the city’s other central districts. Relatively more quiet, laid-back, and upmarket than other central parts of the city, living in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is a great choice if you want to stay in the center of Berlin without living in “hipster-ville.” This makes it one of the best areas to live in Berlin for those seeking tranquility amidst the urban buzz.

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf’s real estate scene is pretty much the gold standard in the city. You’re looking at an eclectic mix of beautifully maintained historic buildings alongside sleek, modern apartments. This diversity means there’s something for just about everyone – families, professionals, or those seeking a slice of upscale living. Beyond just where you live, the area itself offers a lively yet laid-back lifestyle: streets filled with both traditional and international dining options, boutique stores, and a variety of leisure activities. It’s all the buzz of Berlin but with a more chilled-out vibe, making it a coveted spot for many.

Also, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf really stands out for its quality of life. A big part of this is due to its green spaces, like Lietzensee Park, which give everyone plenty of room for outdoor fun or just kicking back and relaxing. It’s especially appealing to expat families because it’s safe, boasts several high-quality international schools, and has a friendly, community feel. All these aspects come together to offer a living experience that’s both enriching and comfortable. If you’re considering making Berlin your home, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is definitely worth a look.

2. Kreuzberg

While Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf is a little quieter and calm than the archetypal hipster Berlin, Kreuzberg epitomizes it. It’s trendy, gentrified, and fun, and it’s packed with unusual places to spend time.

If you want to be part of Berlin’s alternative scene while being surrounded by lots of other foreigners and expats, Kreuzberg is the best choice. A longtime hangout for expats seeking a unique lifestyle, Kreuzberg is full of street art, nightlife and endless packs of cyclists

Though living in Kreuzberg is an option for families, the district is a better pick for younger people, both solo and couples. For those wondering where to live in Berlin to soak up its dynamic culture, Kreuzberg offers a compelling mix of experiences that make it one of the best places to live in Berlin.

The area is full of life and has something for everyone. If you walk down Oranienstrasse, you’ll find lots of cafes, bars, and small shops waiting for you to explore. The streets are covered in colorful street art, showing off the creativity of the area. Food lovers will enjoy Markthalle Neun, where you can try different kinds of food from Germany and other countries. The Turkish Market on Maybachufer is another great spot to check out for tasty snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Adding to its appeal, Kreuzberg is also known for its diverse food scene, with eateries ranging from traditional German pubs to international cuisine, making it  a wonderful area to live in Berlin for foodies. Moreover, its proximity to the Spree River and various parks makes Kreuzberg appealing for those who enjoy the outdoors but want to stay within the urban core. If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, Victoria Park is a nice spot to take it easy and enjoy nature. 

For those who like interesting buildings, Kreuzberg mixes old and new designs that show both Berlin’s history and its modern side.  Plus, visiting places like the Jewish Museum gives you a chance to learn about Germany’s history in depth. Kreuzberg offers many ways to have fun and learn something new, making it a great part of Berlin to live in.

3. Neukölln

Neukölln stands out as a prime choice for expats in search of a best place to live in Berlin with a hipster vibe. A little cheaper and more up-and-coming than Kreuzberg, it’s around ten years behind its more famous neighbor and is on its way to soon becoming Berlin’s most trendy area.

Neukölln is a great place to be an expat, as it’s very multicultural. Known for pastry joints, hummus stores, and its Turkish market, it’s an area packed with students, artists, and a whole host of bizarre bohemians. If you’re on the hunt for a young, trendy neighborhood that embraces a lively, anything-goes culture while being budget-friendly, Neukölln might just be the best area to live in Berlin for you.

Neukölln also offers proximity to green spaces like Tempelhofer Feld, a vast park that was once an airport, providing residents with a variety of outdoor activities. It’s home to vibrant venues such as Kindl – Centre for Contemporary Art, marking it as a cultural hotspot.

Again, this isn’t really a place for families, but for young couples and solo expats who want to indulge in the bohemia of Berlin, it’s an excellent place to be.

So, if you’re trying to figure out where to set up shop in Berlin, Neukölln really should be on your radar. It’s got that perfect mix of affordable living, cultural richness, and creative vibes, placing it high on the list of Berlin’s coolest neighborhoods.

Whether you’re all about exploring different cuisines, diving into the arts scene, or just soaking up the lively vibes, Neukölln embodies what makes Berlin such a vibrant city. Definitely a top pick for anyone wondering about the best spot to live in Berlin.

In summary, our top three picks for foreigners looking to relocate to Berlin are Wilmersdorf, Kreuzberg, and Neukölln. And for newcomers to the city, they can all be an excellent choice. 

But depending on what type of person you are – and your priorities – you might be seeking something a little more specific. Coming up, we’ve considered the best places to live in Berlin according to these three categories:

  • Affordable, cheap places to live in Berlin
  • Best Berlin neighborhoods for families
  • Best places in Berlin for young professionals
Charming residential street in Prenzlauer Berg, lined with colorful buildings and bustling with local life – a perfect representation of Berlin's nicest areas to live

Affordable, cheap places to live in Berlin

Finding affordable places to live in Berlin is a top priority for many moving to the city. The best areas to live in Berlin balance affordability with access to amenities, making urban living enjoyable without breaking the bank. Our three picks for affordable living in Berlin are:

  1. Spandau
  2. Wedding
  3. Marzahn-Hellersdorf

1. Spandau

Spandau is kind of the under-the-radar spot in Berlin where you can really stretch your euros without giving up on a quality lifestyle. It’s got a mix of housing options that cater to pretty much any budget, making it an attractive choice whether you’re flying solo or bringing a family along for the ride. Compared to the pricier neighborhoods closer to the city center, Spandau offers a sweet deal.

What makes Spandau stand out is its abundance of green spaces and outdoor activities. If you’re someone who loves to be outdoors, this place is a little slice of heaven. The Spandau Forest alone is a huge draw, offering everything from hiking and biking trails to peaceful spots just to unwind. And the Havel River adds a beautiful backdrop for water sports or just a leisurely day out.

But it’s not all about nature here. Spandau is steeped in history, with landmarks like the Spandau Citadel giving the area a unique character. The old town, with its quaint shops and cafes lining the cobblestone streets, feels like stepping back in time while still having modern amenities within reach.

Getting around and out of Spandau is a breeze too, thanks to solid public transport links. This means you can enjoy the quieter, more laid-back vibe of the district without feeling cut off from the rest of Berlin’s attractions and job opportunities. Furthermore, the local availability of everything from shopping centers to schools and healthcare facilities makes living here incredibly convenient. It’s easy to see why Spandau is often touted as one of the best places to live in Berlin. It strikes a great balance between the buzz of city life and the tranquility of suburban living.

2. Wedding

Within Berlin, living in Wedding is a choice that comes with an unfair reputation. Yes, Wedding isn’t as hip, happening, and interesting as some other parts of Berlin, but it’s very central, so it’s a good option if you want to live close to all of Berlin’s cultural quirks without residing in the heart of them.

It’s also a good choice if you want to live on a budget. Because Wedding has a reputation for being a little dull compared to some other parts of Berlin, prices are a little lower than in many other districts.

But don’t be misled by Wedding’s quiet reputation. This area has plenty to offer in terms of leisure and lifestyle. From sprawling parks to cozy cafes, Wedding provides a laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for both singles and families. It’s one of the best districts to live in Berlin if you’re after a balance between calm residential life and easy access to urban amenities.

For families, Wedding is a standout choice among the best neighborhoods in Berlin. Its affordability is matched by the tranquility of its streets and the abundance of green spaces—ideal for weekend picnics or leisurely strolls.

3. Marzahn-Hellersdorf

Marzahn-Hellersdorf is a hidden gem on Berlin’s outskirts, offering affordable living. It’s packed with high-rise apartments and huge parks. Getting to central Berlin is easy, making it a chill spot for city life without the hustle. It’s perfect for families or anyone on a budget.

Marzahn-Hellersdorf may not be in the heart of the city, but it boasts excellent transport links that make commuting to central Berlin a breeze. You can zip into the city center whenever you need. If you’re looking for a quieter place but still want access to Berlin’s buzz, this is it.

For families considering the best neighborhoods in Berlin, Marzahn-Hellersdorf presents an appealing option. Its spacious parks, such as the Gardens of the World (Gärten der Welt), provide ample outdoor space for children to play and adults to relax.

Foodies living in here won’t be disappointed either. The area has great spots to eat without the steep prices you find downtown. From cozy German bakeries to world cuisines, there’s plenty to taste.

Shoppers have Eastgate Berlin, the largest shopping center in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, offering a wide array of stores and eateries. And for a bit of adventure, Kienberg Park provides lovely hikes and a cable car ride with stunning views.

And there’s history too. History buffs can visit the Marzahn Windmill, adding a quaint historical touch to the area. Biesdorf Palace (Schloss Biesdorf), a beautifully restored 19th-century villa, is another cultural gem hosting art exhibitions and events.

Evenings can be spent at Helle Mitte, known for its cinema, bowling alley, and diverse dining options. And for a leisurely stroll or a peek into local life, Louis Lewin Street is the place to be.

So, when considering where to live in Berlin, Marzahn-Hellersdorf deserves a look. It’s affordable, peaceful, yet still connected to the city’s lively atmosphere.

A photo of the Oberbaumbrücke that links Friedrichshain to Kreuzberg, two of the best areas to live in Berlin

Best Berlin neighborhoods for families

Berlin can be a great place to settle with a family. Though the city has a reputation for being a hipster paradise (which is of course true), that’s certainly not all that the city has to offer. 

With lots of green spaces, great quality of life, excellent levels of safety, and lots of green spaces, Berlin can be a great place to live with kids, and you don’t even have to make them join a circus troupe or get dreadlocks if you don’t want to.

Our three top picks for where to live with kids in Berlin are:

  1. Zehlendorf
  2. Prenzlauer Berg
  3. Tempelhof

1. Zehlendorf

Zehlendorf in Berlin is like a breath of fresh air for families looking for the perfect spot to set roots. It’s often highlighted as one of the best places to live in Berlin, especially for those prioritizing safety, green spaces, and a strong sense of community. The area boasts large parks like Grunewald Forest. These are ideal for nature activities. It offers a quiet, yet full-service living experience.

Zehlendorf ticks a lot of boxes. The area boasts some of the best educational institutions in the city, from kindergartens to high schools. Plus, the streets are safe and quiet, making it a worry-free zone for parents letting their kids roam and play.

For a dose of history and culture, places like Wannsee Villa and the Allied Museum are nearby. These spots provide a glimpse into Berlin’s past, making them great for weekend family excursions where learning is as much fun as exploring.

The neighborhood fosters a close-knit community atmosphere. Residents often know each other. For those seeking a peaceful, culturally rich neighborhood in Berlin, Zehlendorf is a top choice. It provides serenity, culture, and a strong sense of belonging.

2. Prenzlauer Berg

The northeastern part of central Berlin is a haven for families who have a little extra money. With kids’ stores, great green spaces, lots of playgrounds and plenty of fun attractions for kids, it’s a fantastic place to rear some little ones. It’s the kind of place where weekends are made for park picnics and leisurely bike rides.

Living here means being around beautiful old buildings with modern updates. The streets have unique shops and friendly people, making everyday tasks enjoyable. Neighbors often know each other, which helps create a strong community feeling. It’s common to find parents swapping stories at local playgrounds or joining forces for neighborhood flea markets.

For those interested in history and culture, Prenzlauer Berg has cool spots like the Kulturbrauerei. This old brewery now shows movies, hosts concerts, and has art displays. The Museum in der Kulturbrauerei tells stories about East Germany’s history. These places make learning interesting and easy.

And because it’s relatively removed from Berlin’s party hotspots, it’s a great place to live if you want to be in central Berlin without being endlessly subjected to the pounding beats of Berlin’s non-stop nightlife.

It’s certainly not Berlin’s cheapest district, but for families with kids, it’s fantastic. The neighborhood also appeals to luxury aficionados with its wide selection of lavish luxury apartments, offering an upscale living experience

3. Tempelhof

Quiet, quaint, and peaceful, the southern district of Tempelhof is an excellent choice if you want lots of green spaces for your kids to enjoy. The area’s epicentre is its big park Tempelhofer Feld, which was once the site of a vast airport. It’s huge! We’re talking about a space so big that you can bike, skate, fly kites, or just chill out on the grass without feeling crowded. 

Kids and adults both love Tempelhof. There are places to play and learn about the park’s history. Living near Tempelhof means you have a huge outdoor area to explore anytime. This makes it one of the best neighborhoods in Berlin for families who like being outside.

There are also nice cafes and places to eat around Tempelhof. You can find food for any time of the day. The area has a friendly feel, with markets and events that bring people together. It’s a good spot for families to meet others and feel at home.

Tempelhof neighbors some of Berlin’s trendier areas, offering a great compromise between quiet safety and trendy hipster hangouts.

Serene park setting in Tempelholfer Feld, located in the Tempelfof-Schöneberg neighborhoods showcasing the green spaces that make it a family-friendly place to live in Berlin.

Best places in Berlin for young professionals

Berlin is one of the world’s best cities for freelancing and being a young professional. With excellent coworking spaces, endless work-friendly cafes, a young population and a relatively low cost of living, it’s built for young professionals.

Here are our favorite three districts for young professionals in Berlin:

  1. Berlin Schöneberg
  2. Berlin Mitte
  3. Berlin Friedrichshain

1. Schöneberg

If you’re a young professional, living in Schöneberg is a brilliant place to mix work and play. This neighborhood is not just about its historical charm; it’s also where you can find some of the best places to live in Berlin. With its central location, getting around the city is a breeze, whether you’re heading to the office or exploring the city on your weekend adventures.

This southwestern district is a little more upmarket than some other parts of Berlin, and it’s not quite as trendy or rough around the edges as some of its neighbors. But because it’s close to some of the city’s trendier districts, you can enjoy the edgy, alternative parts of Berlin while living in a pleasant, upmarket, somewhat suburban area. 

With upscale stores and eateries, Schöneberg is a great choice for young expats who aren’t looking solely to party. 

If you’re fond of nature, Schöneberg has plenty to offer. Locations like Rudolph-Wilde-Park provide a serene getaway from the busy city atmosphere, suitable for morning exercise or leisurely weekend gatherings.

2. Mitte

Berlin’s central borough, living in Mitte is great if you have some money. For those trying to save money, it’s not a great place to be, but if you’re a young professional with a pretty good salary, living in Mitte is fantastic.

Mitte is not just any old neighborhood; it’s like the heart of Berlin, buzzing with energy and opportunities. This place is where history meets modernity head-on.

Sprawling, vast and busy, Mitte is home to lots of the city’s central attractions and areas of interest, including Brandenburg Gate and lots of art galleries. A perfect combination of great nightlife, stylish boulevards, and fantastic architecture, it’s (a pricey!) Berlin in miniature.

Why is Mitte a top contender for the best area to live in Berlin, especially for folks like you? Well, for starters, the connectivity is unbeatable. You’ve got public transport options galore, making those morning commutes to work or late-night dashes across the city as smooth as can be. Plus, being central means you’re never too far from anywhere important.

Mitte is a hub for both startups and big companies, offering great networking opportunities. You’ll find plenty of coffee shops perfect for meetings and getting your caffeine fix, all promoting growth and connections just steps away from home.

If you’re keen to be a cosmopolitan city hopper, living in Mitte is excellent.

3. Friedrichshain

If you’re a young professional seeking a compromise between upmarket living and great proximity to Berlin’s underground counterculture, living in Friedrichshain is incredible.

Home to several huge world-famous clubs such as Berghain along with countless flea markets and some surprisingly serene chillout spots, Friedrichshain is like Kreuzberg but with a little respite. Slightly more upmarket than its habitually-hipster neighbors, Friedrichshain is the best place to live for young professionals who want to work hard and play hard.

With many co-working spaces and startups, it’s great for growing your career and meeting like-minded folks.

For relaxation, head to Volkspark Friedrichshain. It’s more than just a park. Here, you can jog, picnic, or just enjoy the peace. It’s these moments that make Friedrichshain special.

Interested in history and culture? Check out the East Side Gallery. This former Berlin Wall piece is now an outdoor gallery, showing the city’s past. It adds a unique touch to the neighborhood.

If you want to live relatively sensibly in a fun place, quiet but chaotic riverside Friedrichshain is a fantastic choice.

The best Berlin districts we haven’t already mentioned

All of the above Berlin districts are excellent places to live. But there are many other great places to live in Berlin, depending on what you’re looking for. Of the ones we haven’t already mentioned, we also recommend:


Sandwiched between the nightlife of Kreuzberg and the chilled-out tower blocks of Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Lichtenberg is one of East Berlin’s biggest areas, and is a hub of multiculturalism, with a huge Vietnamese population. Looking for an area that is busy but doesn’t necessarily revolve around nightlife? Try living in Lichtenberg.


Living in Pankow is a great choice for families. It’s upscale, it’s leafy and it’s full of kid-friendly attractions. Its northern location also keeps it pretty far removed from much of Berlin’s biggest nightlife scenes.

There you have it – where to live in Berlin!

Pick one of the neighborhoods we’ve listed and you’ll have a fantastic time living in Berlin. 

But no matter which part of Berlin you live in, all of the city’s areas weave and intertwine, so you’ll be able to enjoy hanging out in all of its separate spots.

A city of hundreds of different vibes and many different districts, Berlin’s areas and atmospheres combine to make up a city full of chaos and contradictions. While all of its districts offer something different, they all co-exist to concoct an endlessly-exciting city packed with diversity and fun.

Choose your Berlin district, choose your Berlin apartment, and choose a brand new life in one of the planet’s most exciting cities.


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Finding an apartment in Berlin is fairly easy if you know what to look for. We’ve prepared a detailed guide with tips on things you need to know about renting in Berlin. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some apartments that you might like.

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