10 Best Neighborhoods in Liverpool

The 10 Best Places to Live in Liverpool: Your Useful Must-Read Guide

Searching for all the best neighborhoods in Liverpool? Coming up, we’ve covered them all, along with helpful details on prices, attractions, appealing areas, and who’ll like living in each place. We’re a useful bunch here at Homelike, and we’ve always got your back.


One of the most charming cities in the UK, Liverpool is a great place to call home… and it’s a great compromise between lots of different things. It’s gritty but cultural, pretty but unpretentious, and relatively big without being unfriendly. And best of all, it has a very unique identity despite being a pretty multicultural place.


It’s so easy to be swayed by Liverpool’s charms: local people are hugely proud of their city, with an infectious enthusiasm that’s impossible not to get wrapped up in. Friendly, warm and welcoming, you’ll fall in love with Liverpool… and you’ll fall in love with the people who live there. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t understand what anybody’s talking about.


It’s one of the best places to live in the UK—and can make for an appealingly-affordable alternative to living somewhere like London or Edinburgh.  


Liverpool is most well-known for its close affiliations with soccer, music, industry and entertainment. But the city also offers much more than that: it has a booming cultural sector, lots of unique and unusual venues, a tenaciously-passionate independent arts scene, and a surprising amount of history. 


And because it’s so close to Manchester, living in Liverpool also gives you close proximity to its equally-friendly neighbor. 


In short, there are lots of reasons to make Liverpool your new home… and hunting for a brand-new life there is an excellent idea. 


So, coming up, we’ve covered the 10 best neighborhoods to live in Liverpool. We’ve brought you details on the following 10 places:


  • Knowledge Quarter
  • Ropewalks
  • The City Center
  • Chinatown
  • Islington
  • The Georgian Quarter
  • The Baltic Triangle
  • Anfield
  • Kirkdale
  • Birkenhead

Looking for the nicest areas to live neighborhoods in Liverpool? Bring your soccer scarf, crack out that Beatles memorabilia, and come join the fervent fun!

1. Knowledge Quarter

Best for: Educational establishments, living in the center of the city, and being a young little go-getter


You don’t need to be an absolute genius to work out the sort of venues you’ll find in this neighborhood. Although the venues might help you to become one.


One of the biggest districts in the city, Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter is home to several museums, two different universities, and lots of insightful cultural hangouts. Some of the most famous attractions here include the massive Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, the Yoko Ono Lennon Center, and the Walker Art Gallery.


If you want to be right in the heart of the action, the Knowledge Quarter is one of the best neighborhoods in Liverpool. It’s also a good place if you’re young—because this area is home to two universities, it’s (inevitably) home to lots of young people. You can always find somewhere to drink, somewhere to dance, and lots of people to do both of those things with.


The district is also a popular choice for young professionals; dotted throughout the neighborhood, you’ll find endless offices and coworking spaces. Additionally, the neighborhood’s Paddington Village district is a great family-friendly area… so if you’re moving to this quarter with kids, that’s exactly where you want to be. 


All in all, the neighborhood offers lots of stuff to do, and it can be a nice place to live for endless types of people. If you’re moving to Liverpool, this is always a good place to start your search.


But because the Knowledge Quarter is a popular area, it can be both pricey and busy, which can deter some people from living here. 


And because there’s so much competition for housing in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, it can often be difficult to find a good place to live. For that reason, it’s often easier and better to find a serviced flat or serviced apartment in this part of the city.

Liverpool areas to look for apartments

2. Ropewalks

Best for: Young people, drinking and dancing, gobbling on some Asian food, and making friends with hipsters 


If you head west from the southern part of the Knowledge Quarter, you’ll find yourself in Ropewalks. A bohemian funfest with lots of places to eat, drink, dance and make friends, this place offers endless events and attractions, and bundles of independent hangouts.


If you like partying, staying out late, and hanging with hipsters, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Liverpool. Some of the most popular drinking dens here include Heebie Jeebies, Pogue Mahones, and The Merchant.


It’s an excellent district for live music (even by Liverpool’s lofty standards!). The Arts Club and Kazimier Garden are two of the best venues, but there are loads more crammed into the neighborhood.


Nestled inside of Ropewalks, you’ll also find the city’s Chinatown, where you can munch on a whole variety of well-known (and not so well-known) Asian morsels. But we’ve covered that place in much more detail later in this guide.


And on top of all that fun, this part of the city is home to the Quirky Quarter (an interactive museum featuring optical illusions and other strange stuff), the excellent FACT (a 4-screen independent cinema), Bluecoat (a hip complex featuring art, performances, independent stores, and plenty more), and the city’s so-called ‘Bombed Out Church.’ 


Overall, Ropewalks is stuffed with things to do, and it’s best suited to students, young couples and young professionals. Yeah, some of Liverpool’s families do live here, but most prefer to settle somewhere a little more laid-back.

3. The City Center

Best for: Being surrounded by attractions, living in a non-residential place, and dwelling close to many more great neighborhoods 


North of Ropewalks and west of the Knowledge Quarter, you have the most central part of the city (though exactly where the very center begins and ends isn’t exactly clear).


Anyway, the city center is home to a huge number of famous places and tourist attractions. In the neighborhood, you’ll find The Beatles Museum, The Cavern Club, and a huge number of galleries and museums.


The massive St. John’s Shopping Center also sits inside this part of the city. It has more than 100 different stores, featuring all the food, clothes, homeware and other stuff you could probably ever need (along with loads of stuff you probably never will).


And, of course, because it’s right in the middle of the city, this district offers excellent proximity to all the rest of the best neighborhoods in Liverpool.


Though the city center can be a good place to live, it’s not as residential as any of the other entries on this list. The neighborhood is mainly made up of attractions, restaurants, bars, and stores… and it doesn’t have a huge number of apartments. 


So although it can be a fun place to live, it comes with some pretty lofty prices and a whole load of non-stop bustle. For those reasons, many people prefer to live elsewhere, and only visit this part of the city when they need (or want) to.

4. Chinatown

Best for: Finding a unique atmosphere, living in a cozy little enclave, and gobbling down on top-quality portions of endless Asian food


Liverpool’s Chinatown sits inside the much-bigger district of Ropewalks… but it’s so unique and interesting that it’s totally worth an entry of its own. The first-ever Chinatown in Europe, the place is full of Asian restaurants, canteens and supermarkets, and lots of tasty eats and treats. 


Some of the best chowdown spots in Liverpool’s Chinatown include Big Bowl Noodle Bar, Yuet Ben, and North Garden. You’ll find a nice combination of no-frills joints and high-end places, so you can find whatever type of atmosphere you’re looking for.


If you’re from eastern Asia, it’s of course one of the best neighborhoods to live in Liverpool. Here, you’ll be able to live in a welcoming community of your own… and make friends with people who understand your language, your references, and your culture. 


When you move to a new place, it’s always good to find a comforting slice of home—and for the right person, that’s exactly what Chinatown can offer. 


All of that said, Chinatown (though it’s big for a Chinatown!) is a relatively small space, and there aren’t a great number of houses and apartments here. Because of that, it can be hard to find a nice place to live in this neighborhood… so many people prefer the fuss-free option of finding a serviced flat or a serviced apartment instead.

5. Islington

Best for: Getting all residential, moving with your family, living in an upcoming area, and dwelling just outside the very center of the city 


North of the Knowledge Quarter, you have Islington, which sort of sits just on the outskirts of the city. If you’re looking for a mixture of central and residential, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Liverpool. 


Though it’s a little quieter than most other places on this list, you’re never far from the action—if you want easy access to all the fun stuff without being surrounded by it, Islington is a perfect choice.


It’s an up-and-coming part of the city, with lots of ongoing change and development… and the city planners hope that this’ll soon become one of the most desirable parts of the city. So if it sounds like your sort of place, get in before everybody else does!


For young families, this area is great. You get access to schools, parks, public transport, Liverpool Lime Street train station and an excellent hospital… and all without having to move far from the center of the city.


And as a nice bonus, the Liverpool Empire, the World Museum, and the Queen Square Arcade all offer lots of family-friendly entertainment and eats.


Last of all, because Islington isn’t quite as exciting as all the other places we’ve listed so far, it’s a relatively affordable place to live.

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6. The Georgian Quarter

Best for: Hanging around in high-end joints, finding classy buddies, and living in a largely-residential area 


South of the Knowledge Quarter and east of Ropewalks, you’ll find Liverpool’s Georgian Quarter. Just like Islington, it’s a great combo between central and residential. 


That said, it’s not just any ol’ place to live… it’s one of the most upmarket residential areas in the city, and it attracts a certain type of clientele. Pretty, classy, and brimming with attractive architecture, the place is home to fine-dining restaurants, upmarket cocktail bars, Georgian townhouses, and a whole load of well-dressed cosmopolites.


Some of the neighborhood’s most popular hangouts include The Art School Restaurant, Jenever Gin Bar, and Petit Café Du Coin.


The district is also home to the city’s Royal Philharmonic Hall, an art-deco behemoth offering orchestral events, high-end entertainment, and lots more live performances.


If you’re on the hunt for a safe, quiet and upper-class district, the Georgian Quarter is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Liverpool. But it’s quite expensive, and some people might find it a little snobbish and dull.

7. The Baltic Triangle

Best for: Unpretentious eateries, hanging with a young crowd, living close to the docks, and finding lots of excellent events 


The Baltic Triangle is just to the west of the Georgian Quarter, and it borders the city’s docks. 


Because of its proximity to this waterside area, the Baltic Triangle, historically, has always been an industrial neighborhood. 


But it’s recently undergone a hefty gentrification boom, and it’s become one of the city’s coolest districts. It’s a curious mix between trendy and tatty, and it’s vaguely comparable to London’s super-famous Shoreditch. Packed with street art, skateparks and vintage markets, it’s often voted as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the UK.


One of the district’s most popular hangouts is The Baltic Market, a happening street-food smorgasbord with lots of places to slurp and swallow. Other popular places in the neighborhood include Love Lane Brewery, Ghetto Golf, and the vaguely-ridiculous Peaky Blinders Bar.


During the summer, the neighborhood hosts lots of excellent music festivals (including Sound City Festival and The Baltic Weekender).


If you’re looking for an edgy area with an unpretentious atmosphere, this is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Liverpool. Yeah, it’s a little grubby, but that’s part of its charm.


Like any newly-gentrified area, the Baltic Triangle can be pretty pricey (despite its rugged appearance). So if you’re looking for an affordable place to live, you won’t find it here.

8. Anfield

Best for: Watching soccer, saving some money, moving with family, and finding good schools 


As you probably already know, this neighborhood is most famous for its associations with sport. 


Hosting the homes of both Everton FC and Liverpool FC, it’s the soccer-centric epicenter of the city. That said, if you say the word ‘soccer’ in Liverpool (or in any other part of the UK), you won’t be greeted very warmly. It’s called ‘football,’ and that’s the end of it.


But beyond all the sporty stuff, there’s way more to this area—it has a welcoming atmosphere, lots of friendly faces, and endless green spaces. Some of the best green spaces here include Stanley Park, Everton Park And Garden, and nearby Newsham Park And Garden.

It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Liverpool if you’re moving with a family. Because it’s a residential area, it’s largely quiet, it’s an affordable place to live, and it has lots of great schools. Some of the best educational establishments here include Everton Free School, Anfield Junior School, and Pinehurst Primary School


All of that said, some parts of the neighborhood can be a little rough (and even verging on dangerous). So you should choose your area wisely. Broadly speaking, the areas very close to the football stadiums are nice places to live, as are the parts in the western and southern sections of the district.


Yes, Anfield has a vague reputation, but it’s been largely rejuvenated and regenerated since its patchy past… and because regeneration is continuing all the time, Anfield is only getting better and better.

9. Kirkdale

Best for: Families and older people, saving some money, and finding a quiet residential home

West of Anfield and north of the city center, it’s Kirkdale. In lots of ways, this neighborhood is pretty similar to Anfield. An historically working-class area with lots of affordable housing, it was once seen as a pretty undesirable place to live. 


But it’s undergone (and is undergoing) a whole load of regeneration, making it a lot more pleasant and peaceful. Just like neighboring Anfield, Kirkdale is now a decent place for older people and families (who are seeking a laid-back life rather than a fun-filled one).


Because of the many families who live here, you’ll find all the conveniences you need, including stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and schools. Two of the best schools in Kirkdale include Bedford Primary School and St. Lawrence C of E Primary School.


Kirkdale is one of the most multicultural parts of the city. You’ll find international neighborhoods, international supermarkets, and food and drink from around the globe. If you’re moving from another nation, there’s a good chance you’ll find a welcoming pocket of your own culture and country here.


If you’re seeking an affordable residential area on the outskirts of the city, Kirkdale is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Liverpool. But if you’re looking for a little more action and excitement, you’ll find the neighborhood a bit boring.


For a vague compromise, the southern half of Kirkdale is (of course) closer to the city center. It’s a little more expensive, but it has nicer homes and a slightly more interesting atmosphere. 

Places in LIverpool to live


Best for: A wholesome life, outdoor adventures, finding good schools, and living on a pretty peninsula


West of Liverpool, you have the strangely-shaped peninsula of ‘the Wirral.’ Some people reckon this region is part of Liverpool, while some people reckon it isn’t.


Anyway, wherever you think it is, the Wirral is verdant, pretty, homely, peaceful, and full of nice beaches and walks. 


The main part of the peninsula is the town of Birkenhead, which has a pretty big population of around 150,000. Quite where Birkenhead begins (and where the other parts of the Wirral end) isn’t exactly clear… but if you’re looking to live in the Wirral, Birkenhead is the best place to start your search.


It’s a perfect area for families with a decent amount of money… it’s home to big homes, spacious gardens, and lots of safe streets. It all comes at a price, but it’s absolutely worth the money. 


It’s also a great option for finding good educational establishments. Wirral Metropolitan College has an excellent reputation, while Riverside Primary School, Birkenhead School and Townfield Primary School are all great places for your kids.


And last of all, the Wirral is perfect for outdoor adventures. It’s right beside fun-packed Wales, it sits between two rivers, it’s close to lots of hills, hikes and beaches, and it’s home to (and surrounded by!) many cute towns and villages. 


In short, living in Birkenhead gives you a small-town semi-rural feel, but with great proximity to Liverpool. It’s a compromise in all the best ways, and (even though it’s arguably not even part of the city!), it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Liverpool.

11. Woolton

Best for: Peaceful and safe suburban lifestyle


Woolton in Liverpool is an affluent suburban village with a friendly atmosphere. The cobbled streets and old-style buildings create a truly unique look and feel, while the many parks, pubs, stores and restaurants make the area great for families. One of the most iconic sights in Woolton is Calderstones Park – home to the mysterious “Calder Stones” which are believed to date back 5,000 years! There are also plenty of events taking place here throughout the year, from music festivals to craft fairs. 


The area is renowned for its peaceful atmosphere and low crime rates, while the many parks, pubs, stores and restaurants create a great sense of community and make it an ideal place for families to settle down.

12. West Kirby

Best for: Being close to the water, enjoying water sports


West Kirby in Liverpool is a picturesque coastal town nestled between the two Wirral estuaries. With a stunning backdrop of sandstone cliffs, West Kirby is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. 

But West Kirby in Liverpool is much more than just a pretty coastal town – it’s also a great place to be if you’re looking for adventure and fun! Here, you can go waterskiing or sail around the Wirral estuaries on a boat, explore the stunning sandstone cliffs, hit up the local bowling alley or drive-in theatre, spend an afternoon cycling along the coastline, dive into some of the area’s delicious seafood dishes at nearby restaurants, and even take part in one of the town’s many music and arts festivals. You’ll love living here.

Best neighborhoods to live in Liverpool: final thoughts

There they are—the 10 best neighborhoods in Liverpool (the nicest areas to live in Liverpool in our opinion!). 


If you’re looking for a serviced apartment in the city, we have plenty of great places on our site. They’re all affordable and attractive, and they’re all ready to move into right away. They’re ideal if you’re trying to make your move as stress-free as possible… or if you’re only planning to be in Liverpool for a short few months.


For much more information on your impending British relocation, here’s information on UK work visas, taking your pet to the UK, and everything you need to know about living in the country.


Thanks for reading, good luck in Liverpool, and good luck in your brand-new life!


Is Liverpool a good place to live?

Liverpool is an amazing place to live! It offers beautiful architecture, a vibrant nightlife, and endless cultural activities. There are so many things to do in Liverpool, no matter what your interests are – from visiting the historic Pier Head to exploring the city’s incredible music scene. Whether you’re looking for a great place to raise a family or just want somewhere that has it all, Liverpool is a great option.


Liverpool is a diverse city with plenty of shopping and dining options to choose from. With its close proximity to major cities such as Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham, it’s easy to get around if you’re looking for a day trip or weekend away. Liverpool also has some great local attractions like the Liver Building, Anfield Stadium, and Albert Dock which attract visitors from all over the world. People who live in Liverpool are known for their warm friendliness and willingness to help – there really is no better place to call home.

What are the safest areas to live in Liverpool?

Liverpool is generally regarded as an overall safe city to live in, however, some areas are safer than others. The safest neighborhoods include Allerton, Woolton, and West Kirby. These residential areas are known for their low crime rates, peaceful atmospheres and friendly neighbours, making them great locations to live in peacefully. Additionally, there are plenty of parks and leisure centres nearby for outdoor activities.

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