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Relocation to a new country is stressful enough for even the most seasoned business travellers. We’ve created this guide to prepare you and ensure you won’t have to make a second trip to the Einwohnermeldeamt to get your Anmeldung.Β 

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Throughout this guide, we will strive to answer these questions and more, streamlining you on your way to finding a job in the largest country in central Europe.

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Navigating German rentals with Homelike: Benefits

At Homelike, your search for the perfect apartment in Germany becomes easy and straightforward. Our mission? To connect you with the best apartments for rent across Germany, making it simple for you to find your next home.

We understand that finding the right place to call home is crucial, especially in a new city. Our platform features a diverse range of apartments across Germany, catering to various tastes, budgets, and needs. Whether you’re looking for a cozy studio in Berlin, a spacious family apartment in Munich, or a chic loft in Hamburg, Homelike has you covered. We’re intimately familiar with the German rental market’s unique characteristics and are dedicated to making your apartment search as easy as possible.

Apartments with kitchens

Renting in Germany can be full of surprises, especially for newcomers. A common quirk is encountering apartments that come entirely unfitted – think spaces without kitchen units, appliances, or even light fixtures. It’s a blank canvas approach that offers unlimited customization but can also feel overwhelming.

However, at Homelike, we’ve got you covered. Unlike the typical empty apartments, our rentals usually feature fully fitted kitchens or kitchenettes. This means you can enjoy the convenience of modern appliances and stylish setups from the moment you move in. No stress about installing a kitchen, just pure ease.

Anmeldung is possible

Moving to Germany introduces you to a vital step known as the Anmeldung process, essentially your official registration with the local city office. It’s more than just paperwork; it’s your golden ticket to settling in smoothly in Germany. This process is mandatory for everyone planning to stay longer than a few months, as it affects everything from your tax status to your eligibility for various services and benefits within the country.

At Homelike, we understand the critical nature of this step and have tailored our offerings accordingly. All Homelike apartments are Anmeldung-friendly, meaning you can use your rental agreement from us to register your address without any trouble. We’ve created our rental process to ensure you have all the documentation needed, making your move as smooth as possible. With Homelike, you’re not just finding a place to stay; you’re laying the foundation for your new life in Germany with minimal fuss.

Cold vs Warm Rentals

When you start hunting for apartments in Germany, you’ll quickly stumble upon two terms that might leave you scratching your head: “cold rentals” and “warm rentals”.

Cold rentals refer to the basic cost of renting a property without any additional expenses. This means the price you see covers just the space itself, without utilities such as water, heating, or electricity.

In contrast, warm rentals include the cost of the apartment plus essential utilities and sometimes service charges for the building’s upkeep. Opting for a Warmmiete simplifies financial planning since it consolidates most of your living expenses into one predictable payment. However, it’s crucial to thoroughly review what’s included in this package to avoid any surprises.

Rental listings on Homelike are typically offered as Warmmiete, including essential utilities and services for a more convenient and straightforward living experience.

…Your perfect German home awaits. With Homelike, finding and settling into your new apartment is easier and more reliable than ever. Start browsing our listings today and discover the joy of finding your ideal apartment in Germany.

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