How we recruit at Homelike

To ensure you know what you can expect during the recruiting process at Homelike and prepare yourself accordingly, we’ve set up some general hiring FAQs for you.

How can I submit my application?

If you are interested in one of our open positions or would like to apply proactively (“Initiativbewerbung”), please send us a message and your CV to

If we need any further information or documents for your application, we will come back to you shortly. Otherwise, you will get an answer from our side within two days.

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What does the hiring process look like?

1. HR Call​
The first step in our hiring process is a ~30 interview with our Talents & Culture Team - you’ll talk to Valeriia, Talent Recruitment Manager.

During this call, we want to get to know you better as a person and find out more about your motivation for the role and Homelike as well as your working ethics and expectations.

Furthermore, this is also your chance to learn more about Homelike, our team structures, working principles and culture. Therefore, be curious and bring in all your questions towards the role and Homelike.
2. Department Call​
After a first successful call with Talents & Culture, we might invite you for a second interview to get to know your future people manager and department better and to convince them of your professional skills and your mindset. This video interview will take around 45-75 min. and is focused on your area of expertise/interest.
3. Case Study​
As a potential next step, you will receive a case study with some role-specific tasks that you need to prepare at home. We create these internal case studies to give you more insights into the daily challenges of the role and its responsibilities as well as to see more of your working style and your thinking process. We believe this task is a great learning exercise and that both of us are benefitting from it. You will be asked to complete the case study within a fixed deadline (but we are still flexible in case you have a busy week ahead), afterwards you’ll present your results in another call.
4. Final Check
Depending on the role, the last step in the hiring process is a call either with one of our Managing Directors or with one of your future team members to make sure you will fit in our team and company.
5. Job offer & Onboarding​
After all steps of the hiring process, we will discuss the feedback with the whole hiring team to make sure we are aligned on the final decision. If we think you will be the perfect candidate for the role and our team, either Talents & Culture or your future people manager will contact you with our job offer and the details - Congratulations! 🙂

Your journey at Homelike will start with your onboarding week, where you will get a general overview of our organization, your team, and your role responsibilities. Next to that, your onboarding Buddy will provide you with some more informal information about Homelike’s culture and policies and support you in your first weeks and months.

P.S. As every role and its requirements are different, the hiring process will differ from time to time, too. Sometimes we need one additional interview, sometimes the order of the hiring steps will change. However, we will make sure that you are always aware of the current status and the next steps that will follow. The overall hiring process should not last longer than 2-5 weeks.

How can I prepare myself for the interviews?

  • Reread the job description and envision your first picture of the role you are interested in.
  • Check our website and our social media channels and take your time to inform yourself about Homelike’s business model, our clients and competitors as well as about our culture and our core values.
  • Apart from that, please prepare all the questions you want to ask during the interview.

Did anything change in the hiring process because of COVID-19?

We are a remote-first company, therefore we hold almost all the interviews online.

We’re always looking for new talent. If we’re not actively promoting a role on our job board, just send us your CV with a short message about what position you are looking for and why you would like to join us!