7 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Hanover

Hanover's best areas: Find Your Next Home

Laid-back and laconic, loveable little Hanover (or “Hannover,” if you’re German) is the 13th-biggest city in the nation.

It’s a relatively less-popular option for a German relocation… but the place serves up plenty of appealing perks. You can expect low-cost living, a load of green spaces, a packed calendar of cultural events, and a lifestyle you’ll fall in love with.


… and you get a slightly more ‘authentic’ slice of life than you might get in somewhere like Berlin or Dusseldorf.


But because the city feels bigger than most people expect, you have lots of neighborhoods to choose from. And if you haven’t lived in the city before, it’s tough to work out which ones are worth living in (and which ones aren’t).


So in our guide to the best neighborhoods in Hanover, reliable ol’ Homelike have brought you the top 8 areas in the city. We’ve covered:


  • Mitte
  • Vahrenwald
  • Herrenhausen
  • Südstadt
  • Döhren
  • Linden-Nord
  • Ricklingen

Looking for the best neighborhoods in Hanover? Coming up, we’ve covered them all—so pack your passport, and come join the party!

1. Mitte

Best for: living like a long-term tourist, being in the heart of the action, and always having something to do.


If you speak any German, you’ll already know that “mitte” means “center”… so we don’t need to tell you where this part of the city is.


The sight-packed epicenter of the city, it’s where you’ll find most of Hanover’s action and adventure. For a fun-filled existence with loads of things to do, this is one of the best neighborhoods in Hanover.


You’ll (of course) find lots of restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightlife venues… and you’ll never be short of people to hang out with. The neighborhood is best for young people and students—and it’s not a good choice for families, or anyone who wants a quiet life.


That said, Mitte does have massive pockets of peace: the expanses of the Eilenriede City Forest (and the other green spaces in and around it) make up almost 50% of the whole district.


All in all, a fantastic place to live—but because this is such a popular area, it can be pretty difficult to find a home here. So it’s often easier to move into a no-fuss serviced apartment or serviced flat in this part of the city.


Attractions and parks in Mitte: most of Hanover’s big attractions are in this district. Highlights include Aegidienkirche church, the gigantic Eilenriede City Forest, Hannover Zoo, the pedestrianized Old Town, the northern portion of super-pretty Maschsee lake, and a load of museums and monuments. You’ll never get bored here.


Transport in Mitte: you can walk from one side of Mitte to the other in around one hour. But for making quicker progress, you have many buses, trains, and Stadtbahn routes (that last one is a city-wide combination of both trams and underground trains). 

Schools in Mitte: International School Hannover is right in the heart of the district.

Hanover neighborhoods: Parks

2. Vahrenwald

Best for: saving some money, exploring the Mittellandkanal, and uninteresting-but-necessary conveniences.


North of the city center, Vahrenwald is one of the least exciting entries on our list.


Largely residential, it offers many homes, along with some large stores and supermarkets. So it isn’t thrilling, but it can be a convenient place to live.


It’s one of the best areas in Hanover for nabbing an affordable home… and it’s a good choice for finding a low-price place without sacrificing centrality (you’re never too far from the center here).


Other perks include some small parks and gardens, just enough restaurants, and walkable (and cyclable) stretches of the Mittellandkanal… which is the longest artificial waterway in Germany. 


In summary, Vahrenwald is best for older people and professionals.


Attractions and parks in Vahrenwald: nothing of note. But you have the Mittellandkanal, you’re never far from the parks and attractions of the center, and you’re very close to the exciting sections of Herrenhausen (more on that neighborhood next).


Transport in Vahrenwald: the northern arm of the Stadtbahn runs right through the heart of the district—once you’ve walked to your nearest station, you’ll be in Mitte within minutes.  

Schools in Vahrenwald: there are no international schools here, but there are plenty of German-speaking schools.

3. Herrenhausen

Best for: plenty of fresh air, exploring the mighty Herrenhäuser, and some regular flying.


Northwest of the city center, Herrenhausen (in some ways) feels like two completely-distinct districts. 


The southeastern section is like one giant park, home to the Herrenhäuser Gärten, and a lengthy stretch of the meandering River Leine.


This southeastern part of the neighborhood is among the best neighborhoods in Hanover for families. You get all the outdoor escapes, the fun of SEA LIFE Hannover (a brilliant fish-packed aquarium), and some cut-price family-friendly restaurants.


The northwestern part of the district is way less exciting. That said, it offers small parks, equally-small gardens, and some canalside stretches… and there are plenty of choices for seeking out a family home.


No matter which part of the neighborhood you live in, Herrenhausen is a good choice for regular business travelers. Most parts of the neighborhood are within 10km (6 miles) of the city’s airport… and it’s easy to reach the place by both car and public transport. 


Attractions and parks in Herrenhausen: Kinderwald, SEA LIFE, the outdoor Volksbad Limmer  swimming pool, Herrenhäuser Gärten, and many more lesser-known green spaces.


Transport in Herrenhausen: you have many buses and Stadtbahn options—from pretty much any part of the district, you’ll be in the center within 30 minutes.  

Schools in Herrenhausen: various schools and kindergartens, but none are international.

Hanover neighborhoods: Modern buildings

4. Südstadt

Best for: access to two great schools, exploring the endlessly-loveable Maschsee, and balancing a family-friendly life with an exciting one.


Südstadt, meaning ‘south town’, is (of course) in the southern part of the city. It borders Mitte, and it’s almost as green as its nearby neighbor.


It’s dominated by the Maschsee, which inhabits around a quarter of the neighborhood. One of the best outdoor areas in the city, it offers cycling, jogging, sailing, paddle boarding, and plenty more.


In some ways, Südstadt feels like an extension of the very-center. You get bars and restaurants, plenty of outdoor hangouts, kooky and quirky cafes, and a diverse mix of people.


It’s also one of the best neighborhoods in Hanover for families. Expect a safe environment, many great green spaces (there’s more than just the Maschsee), the annual Maschseefest, some large homes and apartments, and good proximity to the city’s two international schools. 


Because it’s green and serene, rental prices can be pretty high here—but if you can afford to live in the district, it’s totally worth the money. 


Attractions and parks in Südstadt: the sprawling Maschsee, the Sprengel Museum, the child-friendly aquarium-featuring Landesmuseum, and the gigantic expanse of green to the east.


Transport in Südstadt: again, you have buses, trams, subways and trains. You’ll never need to wait more than 5 minutes for an option, and you’ll never need to travel for more than ten minutes (if you’re heading to the center)

Schools in Südstadt: the neighborhood is home to Kammer International Bilingual School, and it’s close to International School Hannover. Because these are the only two international schools in the city, Südstadt is well-poised for multilingual learning.

5. Döhren

Best for: village vibes, playing in ponds, and feeling like you live in the countryside.


Directly south of Südstadt, we’re starting to get a bit more remote and rural.


A mixture of slightly-suburban outskirts and a bunch of little lakes, Döhren feels more small-town than big-city. It serves up forested watersides, stretches of the River Leine, and inner-city oases that feel like tiny islands.


If you want to spend your weekends fishing, swimming, and wandering along water, you’ll love it. 


In addition to the in-district ponds and pools, you’re also close to the Maschsee, and more outside-of-the-neighborhood fun. You won’t find much close-by late-night excitement, but you’ll find a surprising number of restaurants, and many more family-friendly attractions. 


Conveniently, it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Hanover for offering a wide range of homes for a wide range of people—no matter what type of home you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it here. 


Attractions and parks in Döhren: all the outdoor areas. And just outside of the district, you’ll find the massive Aviation Museum, the interactive fun of the family-friendly Park der Sinne, and the pools and saunas of the AquaLaatzium.


Transport in Döhren: the southern finger of the Stadtbahn runs right through the heart of the district. So you can be in the city center within minutes. 

Schools in Döhren: no international options in the neighborhood—but both Kammer International Bilingual School and International School Hannover are relatively easy to reach.

Neighborhoods in Hanover: River Leine

6. Linden-Nord

Best for: getting all hip, making many friends, and plenty of eating and drinking.


Bordering Mitte to the west, Linden-Nord is part of the larger district of Linden.


This northern part of Linden is the prettiest and most appealing of the whole neighborhood, offering attractive homes, plenty to do, and cuisine from around the planet. 


It’s a diverse and multicultural district—so it’s one of the best areas in Hanover for making friends. It’s also a pretty hip and happening place, with alluring nightlife, cozy bars and cafes, and lots of barmy bohemians.


Some of the area’s best venues include the beats-blaring Kulturzentrum Faust, the proudly-hip Biergarten Gretchen, and V17 (possibly the best cafe in the city).


Because Linden-Nord is such a popular place to live, it’s often easiest to find a serviced apartment or a serviced flat in this part of the city.


Attractions and parks in Linden-Nord: the performances at TAK, the many green riverside stretches, and all the dancing and drinking.


Transport in Linden-Nord: there are two Stadtbahn stations in the district, getting you to the center within 10 minutes. But you can also walk to Mitte in 30 minutes or less. 

Schools in Linden-Nord: no international schools in the neighborhood, though you’re a 30-minute walk (or less!) from International School Hanover. There are also many German-speaking schools in the area.

7. Ricklingen

Best for: a quiet suburban life, (maybe) being close to some lakes, and escaping all the bustle.


Southwest of the city center, and west of Südstadt, it’s the massive Ricklingen. One of the biggest neighborhoods we’ve brought you, it’s among the best areas in Hanover for finding an affordable home.


If you head to the west of the district, you’re right in the suburbs. You’ll find lots of couples of families here… and the further west you go, the lower the prices you’ll find. 


If you live in this western part of Ricklingen, you’re not gonna have the most thrilling life. But you’ll find all the conveniences you need (including supermarkets, gyms, and public transport connections), and more restaurants than most people expect (typically serving up burgers, pizzas, and Turkish fayre).


The eastern side of Ricklingen feels very different, and sits close to the lakes and riversides of Döhren.


Overall, no matter which part of the district you live in, Ricklingen is great for small-town people who don’t like city-center bustle.


Attractions and parks in Ricklingen: you get the lakes and riversides of the eastern stretch, but nothing else of note.


Transport in Ricklingen: there’s a reasonable amount of public transport here—and if you live close to one of the Stadtbahn stations, you’ll reach Mitte within 10 or 15 minutes.

Schools in Ricklingen: plenty of German schools, but no international options. The northeastern side of the district is very close to International School Hanover.

Best Neighborhoods in Hanover: Final Thoughts

Alright, that’s us done—they’re the best neighborhoods in Hanover!


If you struggle to find a comfy home in the city, we recommend getting yourself a serviced apartment or a serviced flat. With a quick and convenient fully-furnished place, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and fuss… and you won’t need to waste time with viewings, landlords, or appointments.


For more information on the logistics of moving to Germany, check out our guides on the Anmeldung in Germany, cold rent and warm rent in Germany, getting your Schufa in Germany, and 14 things you need to know about living in the nation.


Thanks for reading, thanks for visiting Homelike, and thanks for being you. Bye for now!

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