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Living in the UK

What to know about living in the UK

In this tell-all guide, your cosmopolitan chums Homelike have covered it all. We’ve brought you information on how to move to the UK, the pros and cons of living in the UK, and endless facts and figures on pets, prices, visas, jobs, education and more.

Best places to live in the UK

Whether it is finding the best city in the UK for families, for expats, for property sellers, or for students, there is a city for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to live and work in the UK and what each one can offer.

Best cities in the UK
About UK Work Visas

Immigration: UK work visas

With this simple guide, we aim to make yourΒ move to the UKΒ simpler by taking you through the ins and outs of UK Work Visas, stripping away the jargon and bureaucracy and leaving you free and confident to apply or take the right path for you.

Moving to the UK with your pet

Let us take a look at how to move to the UK with your pet and what you will have to do before stepping down with your two feet and your favorite four-legged friend.

Moving to the UK with a pet: Pet relocation

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