A Landlord’s Guide To Renovating Your New Property Ready For Tenants To Move In

Ever wondered how you can make a property more appealing to tenants? There are various things that you can forget about if you don’t stay organised. Also, you might not be sure what your tenants value the most. You should consider various factors before you start renovating your new property to make sure you have done as much as possible. It’s always worth decorating with your target audience in mind, as this will help you create a space that they will love. Within this practical guide, you will find our top tips on renovating a new property and getting it ready for tenants to move in.


Make A Realistic Plan

Consider your current financial situation and ensure that you don’t spend too much time renovating a property. So, it’s best to make a realistic plan from the get-go and stick to it as much as possible. Get things done as quickly as you can by looking at which tasks need to be finished first. You will want to know each step of the way, so make sure you plan it out, whether you need to replace the roof or tidy up your garden, so you will stay on top of things and fix any issues on time.

Move Furniture

In some cases you might need to move furniture from one location to another, so you should get organised to ensure everything goes smoothly. It’s recommended to hire a team of movers to complete the task quickly. You should look for movers and packers who can do all the hard work for you. It’s easy to compare movers and packers by looking at the top-rated choices on Compare My Move. You will find a list of removal companies, who offer packing services as well, which include carefully wrapping and unwrapping items and unloading them in a new location.

Choose A Suitable Colour Scheme

You will want to choose a good colour scheme, that will go well with other colours and help you freshen up the interiors. For example, you can never go wrong with white walls, but you should also keep in mind that they might get dirty more quickly, especially if tenants aren’t willing to cooperate in maintaining them in good condition. With bathrooms, opt for beige and brown tiles, as it can be easier to reseal around sinks and shower trays if mould appears. In general, neutrals are the best way to go, since they can help prospective tenants view a property as a blank canvas.

Plan Your Budget

Try to strike a balance between managing your finances well and making long-lasting and effective changes, which means that you shouldn’t always go for the cheapest options. For instance, if you need to replace an important appliance, such as a washing machine or a microwave, it may be tempting to look for the lowest prices first. Be sure to plan your budget in advance and consider the items and furnishings that you should invest in.

Consider Your Target Market

Determining your budget and how you should decorate a space can be difficult, but if you consider your target market first, it can help you make a few key decisions. You should strive to find the right tenants for your property by using a variety of resources. If you are trying to attract students, remember that they are likely looking for temporary accommodation. So, you should ensure that the property is part or fully furnished to help them save money. However, if you are aiming to attract families, consider what they might need out of a property and decorate with their expectations in mind. Avoid trying to please several different target markets at the same time.

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Avoid Personal Touches

As much as you would like to add your personal touch when decorating a new property, it’s advisable not to get too personal. Keep it as neutral as possible to help prospective tenants imagine living there and making it their own space. You won’t be living in this property, so you shouldn’t decorate it in a way that appeals to you. Instead, you should think about what your tenants might want. This is another good time to think about your target audience and what they would appreciate more.

Call In Professionals

Sometimes you may find that there are things that are outside of your expertise and control, so don’t be afraid to call in experts to help you. This way, you will worry less about some of the details, and you won’t need to pay as much. Trying to fix things by yourself might not always turn out the way you expected, so you would have to ask someone to come in anyway. Therefore, no matter what the problem is, it’s best to seek professional help instead of attempting to resolve it alone.

Upgrade The Flooring

Flooring is an area, that you don’t want to forget about, as it is often the part which gets the most wear and tear. Make it as durable as possible by selecting quality materials, even if you need to splurge a bit. For example, it can be a good idea to invest in extra thick carpets, that will be able to withstand heavy treading. Also, laminate flooring can be a good and inexpensive option, if you are planning to redo the flooring by yourself.

Eliminate Mould

Mould is a major problem that many landlords need to deal with, so this might be an issue that you have experienced as well. Thankfully, there are some effective ways to get rid of mould on walls, such as addressing the insulation situation in your property. You can control mould by keeping humidity levels low and fixing any leaks before tenants move in. As a result, mould won’t have any moisture where it can grow. Choose mould-killing products when cleaning bathrooms and advise your tenants on what they can do to prevent mould from growing in the future.

Change The Windows

It’s important to take care of all the extra details which will ensure that your property is well-maintained, such as replacing any old windows. If you don’t act fast, there will be other problems to deal with. You may notice various issues, such as dilapidated window frames due to the fact that windows have been exposed to the elements for too long. Also, you may see air and moisture leaks, as well as decay and too much outside noise.

Refresh The Furniture

Finally, although some people might not want as much furniture in a rental property, it’s still essential to refresh the furniture that you do have at the moment. You can transform the way your space feels and looks by simply giving a new lease of life to some of the furniture there. This means that you might not need to buy as many new things, as you can get creative and make the most of what you have already. Moreover, this will help you show off your property’s unique character and ensure it stands out from the rest.

Getting a property ready for tenants can be stressful and overwhelming, but with enough preparation and hard work, you can attract the right people.

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