A Workation Story: Balancing Professional Growth and Personal Life in Portugal

A Workation Story: Balancing Professional Growth and Personal Life in Portugal

Diego, our Global Guest Experience Coordinator, who had the opportunity to work abroad, shared insights into the transformative experience of balancing work responsibilities and personal life in a new environment.

Same Work, New Setup

When asked about the differences in work life during that time, Diego highlighted that workwise, the experience remained quite similar, with the only change of having a new office setup. This stability was helpful for a seamless transition.

Contributions to Personal and Professional Growth

The impact of working abroad on personal and professional growth, Diego emphasized the importance of being close to family and friends. Spending quality time with loved ones in his home country, along with weekend travels with his wife and daughter, contributed significantly to a sense of fulfilment and happiness.

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Balance of Work Responsibilities and Exploring New Locations

Managing work responsibilities while exploring new locations can be challenging, but Diego shared practical strategies for achieving the balance. He revealed that weekends were dedicated to activities and exploring the country, while weekdays were for reconnecting with childhood friends.

Tips for a Healthy Work-Life Abroad

For those considering or currently going on a professional journey abroad, Diego offered a key piece of advice – creating a dedicated workspace upon arrival. This step sets the tone for a focused and productive work routine, fostering a healthy work-life balance.

Overall Experience

Reflecting on the overall experience, Diego expressed a positive outlook and a definite willingness to repeat such adventure. The ability to travel while working is a significant advantage, serving as both a motivator for personal growth and for professional development.

Recommendations for future travellers:

Diego gave his recommendations and promised that they will elevate your journey through Portugal.

To eat:

To walk:

  • Ribeira do Porto

To discover:

  • City of Mirandela – is an unknown treasure for most tourists, but a must go to see the real essence of Portugal.

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