Ayoub’s Journey at Homelike: From Competitive Planner to Efficient Problem Solver

We fail better and constantly learn.

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In this interview with Ayoub, we get to know him as a person before diving into the business topics. Ayoub shares his background, including his studies in computer science and software engineering and his experience at the Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab in Berlin.

He expresses his passion for data topics and machine learning, which led him to his current position at Homelike.

Through his three-word description of himself and anecdotes about his first day at Homelike and a memorable failure, we gain insights into Ayoub’s competitive nature, planning skills, and efficient problem-solving approach.

Getting to Know Ayoub: Passion for Data and Machine Learning

Ayoub is a a computer science and software engineering graduate from Tunisia who has developed a passion for data topics during his time in Berlin.

His experience at the Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab played a crucial role in shaping his interest in data and machine learning.

Three Words to Describe Ayoub: Competitive, Planner, and Efficient

Delving into three words that encapsulate Ayoub’s personality: he describes himself as competitive, sometimes overly so, as seen in his determination to win even in non-essential activities like ping pong.

However, Ayoub recognizes the positive aspects of competition and the drive to always do his best. He also reveals his inclination towards planning, taking charge, and preparing for uncertainties.

Additionally, Ayoub emphasizes his efficiency, both in personal and professional life, by automating repetitive tasks for improved productivity.

Ayoub’s Memorable First Day at Homelike

Joining Homelike was Ayoub’s first professional experience beyond internships. He expresses gratitude for the warm welcome he received from the HR team and the smooth onboarding process.

Despite the initial nervousness that comes with starting a new job and moving to a new city, Ayoub reflects positively on his first day, which surpassed his expectations.

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Learning from Failure: Ayoub’s Dashboard Mishap

Ayoub shares an impactful story of his first major failure at Homelike. He recounts an incident where he accidentally deleted a critical data source linked to numerous charts on a data studio dashboard. With his manager and colleague unavailable, Ayoub experienced panic and stress. However, he took a moment to compose himself, read through documentation, and ultimately found the solution to restore the data source.

From this experience, Ayoub learned the importance of avoiding late-night work and maintaining a calm mindset when faced with challenges.


Ayoub’s interview provides valuable insights into his personal and professional journey at Homelike. His passion for data and machine learning, competitive nature, planning skills, and efficiency shine through his anecdotes.

Ayoub’s story of overcoming failure serves as a reminder of the significance of remaining calm and focused in challenging situations.

Through his experiences, Ayoub exemplifies the qualities that have contributed to his growth and success in the field of data and machine learning.

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