Fiona’s Journey to Freedom: Embracing Remote Work in Sagres with Homelike

At Homelike, we believe in a future of work that’s all about trust and flexibility. Our approach empowers employees to not only work remotely from home but also grants them the freedom to work from outside their country of employment for up to 2 months a year. This unique flexibility has had a profound impact on our employees’ experiences, reshaping their work-life balance and sparking new perspectives. Let’s delve into the stories of our team members and explore the transformative effect of our “future of work” philosophy.

Escaping the gloomy weather in Germany, I seized the opportunity of the remote work policy and decided to go on a journey to Sagres, the charming coastal town in southern Portugal.


As I set foot in this new working adventure, I had a mix of emotions. Worries about the hotel’s Wi-Fi and finding a quiet workspace were only natural, yet they were overshadowed by the joy and freedom of breaking away from the monotony of a fixed office space.


Working from abroad was a new territory for me and the working hours were slightly altered due to the time difference, so the beginning of my workday would normally start at 7 am. Surprisingly, this shift turned out to be a blessing in disguise, allowing me to wrap up work earlier and enjoy the sunny weather at the beach.

The change in environment sparked a shift in my work mindset as well. I found myself very motivated because of the surroundings. Looking out of my window, greeted by sunshine, swaying palm trees, and the scent of grilled fresh fish, my productivity reached new heights, a stark contrast to the mundane grey weather and uninspiring surroundings.


One of the highlights of working in Portugal was the combination of my passion for surfing with my professional life. A dream come true, I had the opportunity to work and reside in a warm, coastal haven, which is something unimaginable while stationed in Germany. The thought of hitting the waves after a fulfilling day at work gave my motivation an extra boost like never before.


Without a doubt, I would gladly repeat such a great experience again. My sights are now set on future destinations, such as Bali or South America, where I can continue to merge work with my passion for surfing. Knowing that thrilling adventures await me beyond my work hours adds an entirely new dimension to my dedication and enthusiasm.


For anyone planning a trip to Portugal, one cannot resist indulging in at least one pastel de nata (a delightful Portuguese pastry) a day, and a must-do is enjoying the breathtaking sunsets on the cliffs of Sagres.

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