Future Of Work Experiences – Greg travels to Bergamo, Italy

Homelike’s approach to the future of work is centered around trust and flexibility. We give our employees the possibility to work from home as well as to have freedom to work from outside their country of employment for 2 whole months a year. This flexibility has definitely shaped the experience for many of our employees – read their stories in order to learn more about the effect of our β€œfuture of work” concept on their journeys.

“Having the freedom and flexibility to travel and work abroad adds so much value to the job I have at Homelike.”

Greg Beazley, Senior CRM Marketing Manager

In December last year, I took advantage of the Homelike’s flexible work arrangement by traveling to Bergamo, Italy for a week with my wife and one-year-old daughter.


We traveled there because my wife is an artist and was showcasing her artwork in a gallery there, so we attended the opening night of the exhibition.


Working in Bergamo was also super easy for me, as all I needed was to have a laptop with a reliable internet connection. And since I had already visited Bergamo before, we were able to coordinate sightseeing around work and our daughter’s nap times.


Having the freedom and flexibility to travel and work abroad adds so much value to the job I have at Homelike. My job is already enjoyable, but this perk makes it even better and motivates me even more. There is also the added benefit of being based in Cologne, Germany, which is so centrally located that it makes any destination around Europe a stone’s throw away. I grew up in Australia, so any drive or flight under 5 or 6 hours is a relatively short distance for me πŸ˜€.


Thinking back on the trip, I’d say the highlight was visiting Citta Alta, which is the old town of Bergamo City. Citta Alta would have to be one of the nicest and most charming old towns I’ve been to in Europe so far. Firstly, it’s propped up on top of a hill overlooking the rest of Bergamo. To get there you either catch a bus, which only takes about 10 minutes from the heart of town, or you take the more authentic route by riding the Funicolare CittΓ  Alta.


After exiting the funicular you will be taken back in time, where cobblestone roads and beautiful old architecture flood your surroundings. As you wander up the main stretch of Citta Alta, you will pass quaint gourmet bakeries, restaurants, wine bars, and museums. It may only be a 10-minute walk from end to end, but you’ll want to take your time to truly embrace the experience.

πŸ”₯HOT TIP:πŸ”₯ there’s a gelato bar called Gelateria Domus that serves the most delicious pistachio-flavored ice cream cookies – OMG! πŸ˜‹.

Dining recommendation:

It’s called Baretto Di San Vigilio. It’s a Michelin-star restaurant situated near the very top of the hill Citta Alta sits on, right next to Funicolare S.Vigilio, and it’s well worth a visit. I’d recommend taking the funicular to get there unless walking up steep hills is your thing. The menu adjusts to the seasons and uses local ingredients. But what compliments the food, even more, is the view, as it offers an incredible panoramic view over Bergamo City.

Other things worth seeing...

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

It’s almost as if Citta Alta built a church for everyone who lived there. There are several in the area, but one that I would highly recommend you pay a visit to is called Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. The history, architecture, art, and atmosphere puts the KΓΆln Dom to shame (almost).

Civic Museum of Natural Sciences

If it weren’t for our 1-year old we may not have visited the Civic Museum of Natural Sciences. But, honestly, it was thoroughly interesting and certainly fun for our daughter – who learned how to make the sound of a crocodile for the first time. The museum featured a large map of the surrounding mountain ranges and pinpointed where various archaeological findings took place, including remains of woolly mammoths and dinosaurs. Pretty cool!

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