Future Of Work Experiences – Selina travels to Gran Canaria

Homelike’s approach to the future of work is centered around trust and flexibility. We give our employees the possibility to work from home as well as to have freedom to work from outside their country of employment for 2 whole months a year. This flexibility has definitely shaped the experience for many of our employees – read their stories in order to learn more about the effect of our β€œfuture of work” concept on their journeys.

“The experience is really amazing and I would do it again for sure.”

Selina, Inbound Sales Manager, based in Cologne

I took advantage of the option to work abroad and went to the beautiful island Gran Canaria. As winter in Germany is long and cold, I craved some warm weather, the ocean, and positive vibes.

Firstly I thought of going only for one month, but as time passed through, I did not want to leave anymore. This is why I extended my stay and plan on moving here long term. Luckily I found a nice Coworking Apartment where I can work remotely together with some other β€œdigital nomads” and share a common working and living area while I still have my own private room with a bathroom. I live directly on the beach and go to the beach every day. It makes me super happy to watch the waves, the sunsets, and the sunrises and just being able to work from this beautiful country.

The little challenges about the unknown language and a lot of people not being able to speak English were a little tough from time to time, so I decided to do a Spanish language course in the evenings to really be able to communicate within the country.

As there are a lot of people working remotely and a whole β€œdigital nomad” community has a lot of events and social life, it is easy to find like-minded people and make friends. The experience is really amazing and I would do it again for sure. As I am in love with Spain, I might choose another city in the country to see and explore some more, also I love Asia and Australia but the time difference would not be so convenient.


I can definitely recommend to the readers the beach Las Canteras and all the beautiful restaurants there. Moreover, the most beautiful spot in my opinion is the dunes in the south of Maspalomas. They are kilometers long and are just breathtaking. Another place to go to is the Pico de Las Nieves, which is a very high mountain. If you are on its top, you are over the clouds.

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