How to be properly insured as a tenant

According to the law, each of us is liable for the damage we cause. It doesn’t matter whether you do it intentionally or accidentally. Since we are liable for all our wealth accumulated during our lifetime, this can quickly lead to poverty, which is why it is essential to be properly insured in all areas.


In this article, we discuss general tenant insurance and look at how tenants in furnished apartments can insure themselves adequately.

1. What are the advantages of private liability insurance?

Private liability insurance covers damage caused to the property of third parties. If damage occurs to the property of third parties, the insurance company checks how the damage occurred. All liability insurances cover damage that has been unavoidable. Gross negligence is also included in some liability insurance policies but does not cover damage caused by willful misconduct.


In the event of disputes that cannot be resolved by both parties and are therefore settled in court, liability insurance provides passive legal protection. This means that if the policyholder is wrongly accused of the damage, the insurance will defend against the unjustified claims of the injured party. It should be noted that this does not constitute or replace general legal expenses insurance.



Important: Which benefits are included in private liability insurance and which have to be booked separately often varies from policy to policy. It is best to determine beforehand which benefits you need and then compare which insurance suits you best.

2. How am I properly insured as a tenant?

When renting an apartment, every tenant is subject to a duty of care, which means that he is obliged to treat the apartment with care. The duty of care also includes, for example, the immediate reporting of damage or defects that have occurred in the apartment or building (such as staircase or basement).


If the damage is caused to immovable objects, such as the bathtub or windows, liability insurance becomes effective, as these objects remain the property of the landlord. Such damage is regarded as damage to rented property and, depending on the coverage, is included in private liability or must be booked as additional policies.


Caution: This does not apply to personal items such as laptops or jewellery that you have brought into the apartment yourself. In the event of damage or theft, the private movable property is only covered by household contents insurance, which can be taken out either together with or independently of private liability insurance.


However, the tenant insurance does not have to pay for damages over which the tenant has no control, for example if a fire or a burst pipe has occurred without the tenant’s influence. It should be noted, however, that you must report immediately if you notice that water is leaking somewhere, because otherwise you can be held partly responsible.

3. Which insurance do I need for a furnished apartment?

Example: You arrive at your furnished apartment in the evening from work and treat yourself to a glass of red wine. You spill some of it on the white carpet. Immediately you try to get the stain out, but unfortunately, the stain is still visible in the next few days. The landlord now has to replace the carpet, as he cannot offer it to his next guests.



Since all furniture is rented in a furnished apartment, this case is considered as damage to rented property and must be covered by the tenant. Such costs are included with an additional benefit from the liability insurance.



What happens if a key is lost?

The loss of the key also falls under additional benefits, which should be taken out with private liability insurance. Because it is not only annoying when you lose the key, and the locksmith has to come, but this can also be associated with high costs. Often it is not only your own front door key but also the entrance key and the key of any intermediate doors that have to be replaced, and this can become quite expensive.



Careful: Damage caused by animals is also not included in liability insurance. An extra pet owner’s liability is required for this.



Especially with furnished apartments, it is important to note that the wear and tear of objects of daily use, which result from the normal use of the equipment, do not have to be taken over by the tenant. These cannot be legally claimed by the landlord.

4. Protection in furnished apartments by Homelike

If you book a temporary apartment with Homelike, you can add the Standard or Premium Package, which includes AXA’s liability insurance. This was made in cooperation with Homelike and offers tenants all the security they need in a furnished apartment, as all possible damages are automatically covered.


Your advantage: You do not have to worry about increasing your policies or whether your liability insurance covers any damage at all. AXA Insurance acts in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity and only comes into effect if your insurance does not cover something which, however, is covered by AXA.

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