How to Compare International Moving Companies

How to Compare Moving Companies

When moving abroad, one of the biggest challenges remains the choice of the international company you will be hiring. How can you choose between so many different companies? And more importantly, how can you make sure to choose a reputable one? Discover 7 essential things to do to choose a reputable international moving company.

1. Compare Offers

The first and most simple tip is to contact multiple professionals and get moving quotes. You can start with a simple search on Google and explore moving companies’ websites to get a better understanding of the services they provide, and most importantly if they cover the transport between your current place and your new destination. This technique implies that you might have to contact movers one by one, to request additional information for your move.Β Β 

If you’re looking to save time and money, you have the alternative of using specialized platforms, to help you compare multiple companies at once by submitting your moving information. In 48 hours only, a platform like Sirelo will match you with up to 5 professional and reliable moving companies that cover all your moving needs.

Finding moving companies

2. Find an IAM Mover

The International Moving Association (IAM) is one the largest international associations in the moving industry, with over 2,000 members providing moving and shipping services in more than 170 countries.

You might be wondering, what are the benefits of choosing an IAM member company? This moving association provides every member with resources to increase their productivity and efficiency. Moving abroad can be scary, and choosing an international moving company that is backed by a strong system of large corporations can provide more efficiency and safety for your belongings – and of course, a lot of peace of mind!

3. Choose a FAIM Certified Mover

The FAIM certification is a prestigious accreditation recognized as the first quality mark for international removals from the FIDI association. Certified FAIM movers go through a comprehensive and detailed reassessment process, twice a year, evaluated on over 200 quality service delivery requirements they need to meet. No need to explain why choosing a mover with a FAIM certification is important!

Making your move easier with a moving company

4. Read Reviews and Complaints

The overwhelming number of moving companies online makes it very difficult to make a choice, especially if your only source of information is their website. Reading reviews of other clients who went through the same process as you, provides you with a valuable perspective on the mover, giving a bigger picture of the actual quality of their services.Β 

More than that, if you have specific needs or worries, you can certainly find other testimonials of consumers with the same worries. You will know whether that specific moving company is the right fit for what you are looking for. Don’t limit yourself to one platform. Expand your research and read testimonials from different sources to prevent being scammed, and more importantly get the best possible value on your move!

5. Get an Insurance

Moving internationally could involve some accidents such as delays, loss or damage of your belongings, and even theft. It is essential to think about insuring yourself to protect your belongings from any potential risks.Β 

Most of the time, international movers propose different insurance options. We highly recommend that you discuss insurance policies with the professionals you’re planning to hire and choose the best coverage for your needs. If you’re planning on moving expensive or fragile items, we also recommend that you think of special insurance coverage.

6. Ask about Customs and Regulations

Another challenging aspect of an international move concerns the customs regulations. Each country varies in its customs requirements and might also change with time. For most people, this is not a familiar topic. Luckily, reputable international removal companies have experience dealing with customs regulations.Β 

Make sure to ask the international mover you’re planning to hire about the customs situation at your destination. Usually, this also comes at a price. Verify and ask that your moving company includes these costs in the rates they offer you.

7. Don’t Go for the Cheaper Price

Price doesn’t necessarily result in quality. Yet, when comparing international moving companies, don’t get blinded by the cheap option. Take time to research the mover and read reviews. Ensure that all services required are listed in the quote to avoid any additional fees later.Β Β 

And Now?

By following these 7 essential tips, you will maximize your chances of finding a reputable and professional international moving company. Make sure to start early with this process to avoid any unnecessary stress, and always trust your instincts when making your choice. Good luck!

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