Inside a Designer’s Mind: Jose’s Approach to Understanding Target Audiences

We are customer obsessed and earn their trust.

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In this month’s Employee Story of the Month, Valeriia sits down with Jose, a seasoned product designer at Homelike, to uncover the secrets behind user-centric design. From his hometown near Barcelona, Spain, Jose shares his journey of passion and growth in the world of digital design.

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Understanding the Audience

Jose’s approach revolves around a simple yet powerful framework: understand, identify, execute. He emphasizes the importance of research, both quantitative and qualitative, in deciphering user behavior.

Collaboration and Communication

Central to Jose’s success is his commitment to collaboration and communication. In a remote work environment, he prioritizes cross-functional communication and weekly meetings to align goals and address challenges as a team. 

Navigating Conflicting Feedback

Jose acknowledges the inevitability of conflicting feedback from stakeholders. He advocates for a culture of candid feedback, where differing viewpoints are acknowledged and addressed constructively.

Effective Remote Work Strategies

Amidst the challenges of remote work, Jose offers practical strategies for maintaining effective communication. He emphasizes the value of asynchronous communication and leveraging tools like video messages to convey design decisions efficiently.

Embracing User-Centric Design

As the interview draws to a close, Valeriia expresses gratitude for Jose’s insights. Jose’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of user-centric design, where empathy and creativity converge to create meaningful digital experiences. His wisdom serves as a guiding light for designers and innovators alike.

Our Working Principles

Our working principles are more than just buzzwords – they were created by us together and are reflected in our daily work behavior and beliefs.


This is who we are and how we work!

We are passionate and commit to ambitious goals.

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We are one team and boost contribution through collaboration.

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We fail better and constantly learn.

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We are customer obsessed and earn their trust.

#customerfirst #data #solutions #uservalue

We are inclusive and respect each other.

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