Journey of Growth and Continuous Learning: Quentin’s Story at Homelike

We fail better and constantly learn.

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The Journey So Far

Quentin’s journey at Homelike began less than four years ago when he was brought on board as a sales manager. His main task was to open the French market, a job he carried out with exceptional skill and efficiency. After successfully establishing the French market, Quentin transitioned into the role of Key Account Manager (KAM), where he spent nearly two years before seizing the opportunity to take on the role of Market Manager.

A Day in the Life of a Market Manager

As a Market Manager for the French and BeNeLux markets, Quentin finds himself involved in an array of tasks, which makes his role both dynamic and interesting. His day-to-day responsibilities include data analysis, project management, and sales work. He works closely with key account managers to improve performance, ensuring the market continues to grow. Quentin values the unique and ever-changing nature of his role, stating, “There’s not a day like the same. Like it’s always something different to come up and always new project.”

Looking Forward: Sustainability, Profitability, and Growth

When asked about the future, Quentin outlines Homelike’s plans with clear enthusiasm. The company is focusing on sustainability and profitability, with an aim to stabilize its existing markets. There is potential for opening new markets and investing in technology to improve the customer journey. Strategic partnerships are also a focus, as they allow for quicker response to demands. For the French and Benelux markets that Quentin oversees, he expects significant growth and possibly a larger team to manage the increasing demands.

Quentin’s Market Vision

Quentin has a clear vision for the markets he manages. He sees tremendous potential in the French market, particularly in secondary cities, believing that these cities may even surpass Paris in the future. The Benelux market also holds great promise. Quentin hopes to see his markets and his team grow and become more stable in the coming years.

Words of Wisdom: Proactivity and Continuous Learning

Quentin shared two key pieces of work-related advice that he’s gathered from his career journey. First, he emphasized the importance of being proactive, suggesting that individuals should take ownership of their missions and not wait for others to direct their actions. Second, Quentin advocates for continuous learning, a mindset he believes is crucial for personal and professional growth.

Quentin’s journey at Homelike, from Sales Manager to Market Manager, is not only a testament to his dedication and hard work but also a beacon of inspiration for those looking to grow in their respective careers. His commitment to continual learning and proactivity is a guiding principle that can help anyone in their professional journey.

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We fail better and constantly learn.

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