Remote Work Adventures with Homelike: Blending Work and Leisure in Mallorca

In the wake of the pandemic, the concept of traditional workspaces has undergone a significant transformation. At Homelike, we believe in embracing this change and fostering a future of work centered around trust and flexibility. We’ve taken strides to reimagine what it means to “go to work”, offering our employees the opportunity to work from home or outside their country of employment for two whole months each year.

Our team members Bert and Sean recently embarked on a two-week remote work adventure in the beautiful island of Mallorca. Through their journey, they offer valuable insights into the enriching and empowering effects of our future of work approach.

Bert and Sean's Mallorcan Adventure

For two weeks, Bert and Sean balanced their work commitments with a taste of Mallorcan life. They embraced the benefits of remote work, managing their professional responsibilities during the day while exploring the island’s beauty and culture in the evenings.

“The work-life balance was exceptional,” Sean expressed. “Unlike in my hometown, where it’s difficult to detach from work, being in a different country allowed me to completely switch off after work. We worked efficiently during the day and explored the island during evenings and weekends.”

For Bert, the new location was an instant boost to his creativity. “One of the things I enjoyed most was working from a new location,” he said. “After you close your laptop, you are in a beautiful place and ready to explore.” He particularly relished the local cuisine with fresh fish, attributing the amazing Mallorcan weather as another bonus.

The Joys and Challenges of Remote Work

Of course, working remotely isn’t without its challenges. Bert shared the concern around internet connectivity, “Having a good Wi-Fi connection was key for us in order to work efficiently and join meetings.” Their solution was to ensure their accommodation offered a reliable internet connection, verified through previous guest reviews.

Despite minor hurdles, the overall experience was incredibly rewarding. Both Bert and Sean wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of remote work benefits if possible.

“The experience was fantastic,” Sean enthused, “I’d love to explore more of Europe, especially Italy, Portugal, and Greece next.” Bert echoed Sean’s sentiment, adding, “Even though you are working, it feels completely different because of the new environment. We’re already considering where to go next, with Greece, Spain, and Croatia definitely on the list.”

One activity they recommend to fellow remote work adventurers? Renting a small boat to discover secluded beaches away from the usual tourist spots.

A Testament to the Future of Work

Bert and Sean’s remote work adventure in Mallorca is a testament to the transformative benefits of our future of work concept at Homelike. This approach doesn’t merely offer a jobβ€”it offers a lifetime experience that broadens horizons and enriches lives.

As we continue to foster a work environment that values trust and flexibility, we can’t wait to hear about our team’s future remote work adventures. After all, who wouldn’t love the idea of blending work with the exploration of beautiful destinations like Mallorca?

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