Rental Property Security: How to Choose the Best Apartment Security System

One of the top priorities faced by any landlord is to consider the security of their rental property or properties and the safety of those who live there. Knowing where to begin when enhancing any apartment security system can be challenging; is choosing fixed cameras from a well-known brand the best idea? Or is there a more cost-effective solution?


It can be hard to decide which methods to follow when selecting the best security options.


If no clear ideas come to mind, don’t panic. Here we’ll look into the best available options regarding rental property security.

Choosing an Apartment Security System

If you’ve noticed that your current security methods could be improved, consider these six steps to help gain a deeper understanding of where security investments will be best spent.

1. Consider access control security options

Access control security options are ideal for landlords and property managers looking to maintain a high level of security in their homes. Whether you’re managing your tenant’s space as a landlord, or trying to protect the property from intruders, the use of monitored access control security systems is proven to help to prevent theft and property damage.


To protect against the one million home burglaries reported in the US each year, tenants can use access control door locks to replace easily duplicated or lost keys, or utilize similar access control security options like RFID fobs and mobile access to provide monitored authorization and easily issued access credentials.

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2. Consider installation options

Installing a security system can be challenging for those that lack relevant technical and practical knowledge; so many property owners may avoid purchasing security systems that require extensive structural work or expansive installation fees.


A great alternative can be found in wireless security systems, as they’re often much more flexible in terms of installation. Hardware can be placed in any desired location, and connecting devices together requires no confusing wires. Alternatively, if a wired system is preferred, a professional installation team can be hired to help design a bespoke system.

3. Review the costs of professionally managed security systems

Professionally managed security systems provide several advantages, including:

  • The ability to communicate with law enforcement
  • IT support and professional servicing options
  • Included system maintenance and upgrade packages


Still, tenants may not want to spend large monthly sums on professionally managed security systems. This is why it’s important to review the costs of any installed system to help property owners choose a configuration able to protect their homes at a reasonable cost.


Some of the most affordable, professionally managed security systems cost only $10 per month, other options require monthly payments of up to $50 or $60. Shop around and consider your budget in line with these costs to find the best apartment security system.

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4. Invest in surveillance cameras

A fundamental security measure that should never be overlooked is the installation of fixed cameras in a rental property. Fixed cameras can provide total coverage of selected spaces when installed professionally, allowing homeowners to monitor all comings and goings.


Water and weather-resistant options may be chosen, allowing for 24/7 surveillance of all entrances and exits to deter the presence of criminal activity, enhancing overall building security, and acting to provide evidence of intrusion events should any incidents occur. Intended burglaries can turn into criminals squatting in a vacant unit of your building. Surveillance cameras not only help safeguard personal items and valuable belongings, but they also prevent squatters from occupying your rental property. Cameras offer an extra layer of necessary security when fewer people are around to watch.

5. Consider alarm systems with advanced functionality

Installing a top-quality alarm kit is a great way to enhance building security when renting out a property or living in a rental unit as a tenant. When choosing an alarm kit, consider some of the advanced features offered by industry-leading brands such as vocal recognition command options and integrations with remote-access cloud-based management platforms.

6. Contract options for professionally managed systems

Although long-term contracts can be a reasonable option, renters may prefer alternative contracts for professionally managed security systems that better match their tenancy length and available income such as rolling month-to-month agreements.


Even though some subscription types renew automatically, the best option for you may be a flexible contract that allows for monthly fees to be paused easily when necessary.

Rental Property Security is Vital

When choosing the best apartment security system, remember that cost, ease of installation, available features, contract types, and camera types are all important factors. Selecting the best rental property security system is made easy by considering your budget, installation requirements, income, security needs, and preferred subscription model.


Choosing an apartment security system can sometimes be complicated, but by reviewing the steps laid out in this article, readers should be equipped to enhance the safety and security of their apartments.

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