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The Long-term-Rental Ecosystem

Accurate and up-to date supply data is essential for marketplaces like Homelike to ensure a seamless (and instant) booking experience.


In the context of Homelike, this includes real time data such as apartment availability, prices and reservation data. In addition, automated supply processes allow a fast onboarding of new apartment listings while improving the overall platform experience and ensuring a high supply liquidity on the marketplace. 


However, a prerequisite is a comprehensive and scalable tech infrastructure as part of a well connected ecosystem around the platform.


The latter is well established in the short-stay industry already but still in its infancy for the long-term accommodation market. We are just at the beginning of creating an ecosystem that is fulfilling all the needs of long-stay suppliers.


Building real software and products has been a priority since day to provide an exceptional online booking experience for 30 nights and more, that is as easy as booking a hotel. We strongly believe that being an integrated part of existing and new partners & platforms across the value chain (for both, suppliers and corporates) will create a high-value ecosystem to fulfill our vision. 


Today, we are very proud  to say that Homelike is ahead of the market in building the most disruptive ecosystem for long-stay temporary accommodation together with our partners.

So how did we do that?

In the last 2 years we’ve invested into an extensive external API to allow our suppliers as well as potential partners to access all functionalities they need to maintain properties and reservations on Homelike. All functionalities that are accessible within the Homelike dashboard can now also be accessed via API-requests.


Next to the public external API, we’ve also integrated various partners such as Channel Manager (CM) and Property-Management-Systems (PMS).


We are proud to announce that next to our already existing integration with Rentals United, we are now also live with Siteminder, Cubilis and ICNEA.

Overview about all integrations at Homelike:

Channel Manager (CM):

  • Siteminder
  • Rentals United
  • Cubilis
  • HotelNetSolutions (coming soon)
  • Krossbookings (coming soon)

Property-Management-Systems (PMS):

  • Apaleo

The Homelike External API

To apply all modern standards we developed an open and public accessible API that is allowing us as well as our partner to access all data in regards to our supplier accounts such as a list of all properties, the availability and rates, details about billing addresses and rental agreements as well as all reservation data. This means that every supplier at Homelike can now update all information automatically by just requesting an API key once.


Our external API has its own access-control system (ACL) that gives us the ability to provide flexible access to any specific resources for any client depending on their needs.

The API follows a JSON-API specification which is one of the most used specifications for modern APIs.


Our extensive documentation is also coming with a swagger-documentation that helps to get familiar with structure and usage in the easiest and simplest way.


Several microservices around the API make it secure, fast and flexible to deliver a high-quality and low-latency performance for our partners.

What is next?

We keep disrupting and digitizing the long-stay accommodation market through state-of-the art technology, new features and services. Therefore we are continuously striving for more optimized processes, efficiency gains and strong relationships with our partners.


Recent developments have shown that Channel Manager and PMS are more and more adapting to the specific needs of the long-term accommodation market and we are excited to be a driving force of this development in conjunction with our partners. 


To provide all of our suppliers the best tooling for automated processes, we are investing a lot in long lasting relationships with all our integration partners to explore, develop and deliver the best in class technology. 


We are really excited about all upcoming improvements and looking forward to a well automated future within the long-stay accommodation market.

Eike Paulat

Head of Product @Homelike

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