Working from Home: Laura Martinez, Sales Development Representative, Spain

Homelike’s approach to the future of work is centered around trust and flexibility. We give our employees the possibility to work from home as well as to have freedom to work from outside their country of employment for 2 whole months a year. This flexibility has definitely shaped the experience for many of our employees – read their stories in order to learn more about the effect of our β€œfuture of work” concept on their journeys.

“I am truly grateful that I can work abroad”

Laura Martinez, Sales Development Representative, Spain

β€œAt Homelike I had the opportunity to work from ValenciaSpain for three weeks in December. I chose Valencia because that is where my family lives. Another main reason is that living in Germany all year round, I really appreciate being able to spend one of the colder months in a sunnier place, enjoying the nice Mediterranean weather for some time. I had previously considered working from a different country but the companies I worked for did not offer this great benefit.

Now I am truly grateful that I can work abroad and I have no doubt that it will greatly improve my work-life balance, and happiness and eventually strengthen my personal identification with Homelike.

With regard to my work duties and working hours, there was not a big difference from working in Germany. While working from home on a regular basis, I was able to follow the same routine, only with one difference – doing that from a sunny location πŸ™‚ For this new year and if all goes well, I would like to work from somewhere on the coast, such as Croatia or an island in Italy.”

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