Visa Eligibility: What To Consider Before Moving To The UK

Are you considering a move to the United Kingdom? Whether it’s for a job or you want to move closer to family,Β moving to the UKΒ is not as simple as it seems. Applying for admittance into the UK is a long and complicated process, like most countries. Although, since Brexit, stricter measures regarding migration have been implemented, so this is definitely something to consider before making the move.

To help you decide if the UK is the right place for you, take a look at the following points which you should take into consideration before making any relocation decisions

Visa eligibility

One of the first things you need to look into is whether you will be eligible for a UK visa or a UK work visa. Of course, this will depend on where you live and your reasoning for relocation, as the UK offers a wide range of visas suited to all walks of life.

If you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen and want to work or study in the UK, you need to apply via the points-based immigration system, which already applies to non-EU countries. This will require certain fees depending on the type of visa you require. Part of the applications involves verifying your identity via the UK’ Immigration: ID Check’ App or those without a smartphone will need to visit an approved visa application center.

For your application to be accepted, you need to meet certain criteria for the following visas:

If you already have family living in the UK, then you can apply for a family visa which will allow you to join them. To be accepted, the person you plan to live with may be permitted to show that they can support you financially.


Remember, if you have been offered admission at one of the many excellent UK schools and universities, you should apply for a student visa as soon as possible so you allow enough time for visa processing. The earliest time you can apply is six months before the start of your course. The duration of your visa will depend on the duration of the course


Commonwealth citizens can also apply for an ancestry visa if they have a British grandparent. You could even qualify for the right to abode if you have a British passport, which will allow you to stay and work in the UK for as long as you wish.

Choosing where to live

Once you have secured a visa, you can then begin a property search in your chosen location, which will preferably be close to your workplace, school, or university. If you are studying or only planning to work for a few months or years, you should consider renting. However, if you are thinking more long-term, you could start looking at mortgages and conduct a thorough property search to ensure you find the perfect home.

If you are predominantly based in the UK, but your job requires you to travel and stay in another city or country for a prolonged period, then you may want to consider a home away from home. Here at Homelike, we provide long-term apartment rentals for 30 days or more, which are fully fitted out and ready for business travelers to move in.

This is also ideal for businesses with various contracts in different cities around the UK, as they can opt for a corporate package that will enable them to move all their employees together.

Choosing temporary accommodation in cities like London, Liverpool or ManchesterΒ could be the best option compared to renting or buying, as, after all, the UK may not be for you, or you may prefer a different city. You won’t know until you try it.

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