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Why choose Homelike apartments in Switzerland?

Finding furnished apartments in Switzerland

Switzerland is not only a trendy destination for many families in winter but also offers something for everyone in the other seasons due to the diversified and beautiful nature. If you are in Switzerland for a month or longer or if you are planning to stay with your family temporarily in Switzerland, then you should have a look at Homelike to find an apartment that is move-in-ready, fully-furnished, and a less expensive alternative to a hotel.

Moving to Switzerland

Switzerland’s export-oriented economy is very diversified, making it one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Its focus is on the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, electrical industry, precision mechanics and mechanical engineering. If you have found a job in Switzerland and want to work as an expat in Switzerland for an extended period of time, then you should note the following information.


Entry from EU/EFTA

EU-25/EFTA nationals may live and work in Switzerland for up to three months or 90 days per calendar year without a permit. If this period is exceeded, a residence permit is required, which must be requested at the municipality of residence before starting to work. Further information, special regulations, and which documents are needed can be found onΒ the official government website of Switzerland.

Entry from non-EU/EFTA countries

Every business traveler or expat who is not a citizen of the EU-25/EFTA and works independently must have a work permit from the first day in Switzerland to be allowed to work there.Β HereΒ you can find further information.

If you are not self-employed, your employer must submit an application to the cantonal labor market or migration authority. This should then be forwarded to the State Secretariat for Migration, where the next decision will be made. The cantonal labor market authority will also send any necessary authorization for your visa to a Swiss representation abroad, where it can then be collected.

Health insurance in Switzerland

Health insurance is compulsory in Switzerland.Β  The health insurance offers all insured persons the same service for illnesses, maternity, and accident, without distinction of health status. You can also choose the insurer that is active in your place of residence yourself and can change it again after one year at the latest.

If you would like to know more about health insurance in Switzerland, you can find further information onΒ the website of the Swiss Confederation.

Public Transport

Switzerland’s public transport system is one of the best developed and most punctual in the world. Even if it’s not the cheapest, you can reach your desired destination very quickly and comfortably.

What’s interesting:Β In Switzerland, you pay for the route you take and not for the train. This means that for a specific route the same prices apply for the whole day. Tickets are usually purchased online or at the station counter.

Of course, a weekend trip by public transport to Germany, Austria, Italy or France is also possible if you’re living in temporary accommodation in Switzerland.

Living with the family in Switzerland

Switzerland is a very popular country for families to emigrate to. Even if the prices here are comparatively high, the quality of life is described as very good. If you move to Switzerland with your family, you should bear in mind that kindergarten in many cantons in Switzerland are not mandatory and parents are free to decide whether their child should be placed in an educational institution. From the age of 6, however, compulsory school attendance is valid for 8-9 years.

If you travel with your children to Switzerland on a business trip, you can easily adjust the number of guests in the filter to find the perfect furnished temporary accommodation in Switzerland for you and your family.

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